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Hello, I’m having issues with my phone Polycom sp450 not subscribing to Asterisk server. Asterisk server is fine, firewall is not the issue because a secondary phone is working fine, my connection to the server is fine too, any ideas or suggestions are welcome.


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  • Which firmware version? 4.1.x is only for use with MS Link server. A symptom of running 4.1.x firmware with a non-MS server is the phone will not show buddies.

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  • wrote on 01/02/2014 10:03:19 AM:

    We use Polycom 450s as the main desk phone throughout our company and have no issues with them registering. Without seeing your configs, it is hard to give you specific advice. The part of your configs you need to be looking at (assuming you are provisioning from http or ftp), are the following:

    For the Polycom look at the reg section:

    For Asterisk (in your sip.conf or other appropriate config file):

    callerid=”Bob SMith” <6534>

    A couple of notes here: 6534 is the extension number for Bob Smith.
    “myPassword” in the files should be replaced with whatever password you have assigned for that phone. The (polycom) template contains all the options needed for phones to work in my specific install, but doesn’t have anything that would affect registration.

    If you watch the asterisk console when you boot up the phone, do you get any errors in the console? I know when I am testing/experimenting with new setups that I often see errors when the phone goes to register. It usually is because I have either specified a username that doesn’t exist in Asterisk or I have the phone passing an incorrect password with what is specified in sip.conf.

  • Thank you all for your prompt reply,

    my phone was working up until this morning it just stop subscribing to the Asterisk server.

    phone is configure to download configuration via ftp, again it configure right because it was working fine.

    the phone icon next to the extension number is dark same as the background so that means is not subscribing to the Asterisk server.

    Thank you very much.

  • I’m running 4.1.0 on a Polycom IP 335 and IP 550 and version 4.1.5 on a Polycom VVX 400. Buddies work on all three phones. The firmware is for both SIP and Lync. You change the base profile option accordingly. Look in the Polycom UC Software Admin Guide for more information.


  • Thank you all,

    After setting the phone to factory defaults, entered configuration parameters, phone is working again. I really don’t know why all sudden stop working. at least know i have a working phone I will go thoroughly through the logs, I hope to find the answer, if I do I will post it here.

    Thank you again.