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Asterisk Home Phone System

I’m looking for ideas for building a innovative, powerful home phone system. Something that does asterisk voicemail well, integrates cell phones into the house system, etc.

I know there are a lot of details that need to be discussed, but lets leave it at that for now.

– What is everyone doing ?

– Has anyone figured out how to minimize cell charges when on the road via making calls via the home phone system ?

– Does anyone have their cell phone forwarded to their home phone system and have it do their messaging ?

– Is anyone using Google Phone capabilities in conjunction with Asterisk ?



Book Review: Core Java, Vol. I – Fundamentals

After being a PHP programmer for some time now, I’ve faced the need of learning a serious programming language instead of a scripting language (Note: not that there’s something bad about PHP, it is just great).

I wanted a no-nonsense book, aimed to experienced programmers. Not that I’m a PHP ninja, but I’m definitely not a newbie. I searched the Internet for some book suggestions and decided to try: Core Java, Vol. I – Fundamentals

In short, this books delivers what it promises. It’s a masterpiece of information written in a way that you are not able to read a single page without learning something from it, and yet, you do not get asphyxiated with too much information. It has a well worked balance between the information and the way it is presented. The authors don’t assume that you know anything about Java, but they expect you to be a “serious programmer”.

Do not try to use this as your first programming book. It will not teach you how to program, it will teach you Java, serious Java.

By the publication of this article I’m reading the 5th chapter (what a masterpiece!), and I’ll be updating this post according to my progress with the book.

Help with pri call giving error.

I am not getting calls going out my PRI.
I am getting an error condition.

There are no errors in /var/log/asterisk/messages.

more /etc/dahdi/system.conf

more /etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf
channel => 1-2

and pri logging shows:

> DL-DATA request
> Protocol Discriminator: Q.931 (8) len=64
> TEI=0 Call Ref: len= 2 (reference 3/0x3) (Sent from originator)
> Message Type: SETUP (5)
TEI=0 Transmitting N(S)=4, window is open V(A)=4 K=7

> Protocol Discriminator: Q.931 (8) len=64
> TEI=0 Call Ref: len= 2 (reference 3/0x3) (Sent from originator)
> Message Type: SETUP (5)
> [04 03 80 90 a2]
> Bearer Capability (len= 5) [ Ext: 1 Coding-Std: 0 Info transfer capability: Speech (0)
> Ext: 1 Trans mode/rate: 64kbps, circuit-mode (16)
> User information layer 1: u-Law (34)
> [18 03 a9 83 81]
> Channel ID (len= 5) [ Ext: 1 IntID: Implicit Other(PRI) Spare: 0 Exclusive Dchan: 0
> ChanSel: As indicated in following octets
> Ext: 1 Coding: 0 Number Specified Channel Type: 3
> Ext: 1 Channel: 1 Type: NET]
> [1e 02 80 83]

> Progress Indicator (len= 4) [ Ext: 1 Coding: CCITT (ITU) standard (0) 0: 0 Location: User (0)
> Ext: 1 Progress Description: Calling equipment is non-ISDN. (3) ]
> [28 17 b1 41 64 6d 69 6e 20 53 79 73 74 65 6d 20 53 59 53 20 41 44 4d 49 4e]
> Display (len=23) Charset: 31 [ Admin System SYS ADMIN ]
> [6c 03 00 81 30]
> Calling Number (len= 5) [ Ext: 0 TON: Unknown Number Type (0) NPI: Unknown Number Plan (0)
> Presentation: Presentation permitted, user number passed network screening (1) ‘0’ ]
> [70 0d 80 39 31 33 31 37 35 30 36 38 30 31 32]
> Called Number (len=15) [ Ext: 1 TON: Unknown Number Type (0) NPI: Unknown Number Plan (0) '913175551212' ]

q931.c:6036 q931_setup: Call 32771 enters state 1 (Call Initiated). Hold state: Idle

 == Manager ‘MessageNet’ logged off from


< Protocol Discriminator: Q.931 (8) len=9
< TEI=0 Call Ref: len= 2 (reference 3/0x3) (Sent to originator)
< Message Type: RELEASE COMPLETE (90)
< [08 02 81 81]
< Cause (len= 4) [ Ext: 1 Coding: CCITT (ITU) standard (0) Spare: 0 Location: Private network serving the local user (1)
< Ext: 1 Cause: Unallocated (unassigned) number (1), class = Normal Event (0) ]
Received message for call 0x1b0f7f40 on link 0x1b0f08b0 TEI/SAPI 0/0

MariaDB 5.2.8 released

The MariaDB project would like to announce the immediate availability
of MariaDB 5.2.8, the latest iteration of the existing 5.2 series

The release notes are available from:


A complete changelog is available from:


Sources, binaries and packages can be downloaded from:


Debian and Ubuntu packages are available from repositories. A
sources.list generator can be found at:


MariaDB code hosting is on Launchpad:


The project always strives for quality, but in reality nothing is
perfect. Please take time to report any issues you encounter.


Feel free to join the maria-discuss and/or maria-developers groups on
Launchpad, or use #maria on Freenode IRC. And please, enjoy 5.2.8!