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What is the use for the agent password if login via exten?

Hi All;

Why we use the agent password when we configure the agent in the agents.conf if the agent login by dialing the number configured in the extensions.conf?

example: exten => 28, 1, AgentLogin(1001)

I know that agent username is used to assign the agent to the queue, but when we use the agent password?


Help anybody – how to manage SRTP with TLS trasport

Working on that about a week and not getting closer.
Now upgrading to Asterisk 1.8.5 with a bit of hope that will work.
TLS is working just fine, but not SRTP. Module is not loading and thats it.

Problem with setting up fresh 1.8.5 Asterisk

thx :)
dont know why i didnt found it myself :D

Quoting Patrick Lists :

> On 07/10/2011 05:02 PM, Matiss Jekabsons wrote:
>> Is there some detailed documentation for 1.8.5? I am tryin to make
>> Asterisk 1.8.5 with MySQL backend, TLS transport and SRTP encryption.
>> For now with no success :-(
> https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/Asterisk+1.8+Documentation
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> Patrick
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References customers

What do you mean by customers? Are you looking for testimonials from
satisfied users?

Facebook Trapped In MySQL a ‘Fate Worse Than Death’

“According to database pioneer Michael Stonebraker, Facebook is operating a huge, complex MySQL implementation equivalent to ‘a fate worse than death,’ and the only way out is ‘bite the bullet and rewrite everything.’ Not that it’s necessarily Facebook’s fault, though. Stonebraker says the social network’s predicament is all too common among web startups that start small and grow to epic proportions.”

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Duration between 2 agents call


I’m currently working with one queue and whatever I change in the
config, it stills a gap of 6 seconds during which no agents are ringing
for this queue.
Is ther any parameter to configure there?