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We are trying to add voice mail to our hotel rooms. Our current phone instruction cards say 'to reach voice mail dial ext 456". Replacing those instructions is not feasible at the moment. We have Feature Code *97 that takes them directly to their voice mail box. Question - What is an easy way to have exten 456 dial *97.

We are using AsteriskNow distro, version11.

Phil Ledon

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Want Queues To Ignore Mobile Operators Voice Mails And Continue Ringing...?


Hi All,

Lets say I want to setup a queue that will handle inbound calls to dynamically added agents that are all mobile numbers. Now when I do this setup it works, it loads the agents dynamically and if the mobile phone is on and have reception it works. But when the phone is for arguments sake off or dont have reception it goes to voice mail for that mobile phone.

I don't want this to happen...:) I would like for the queue to continue ringing until there is a time out specified which then takes the caller out of the queue…

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Need Help Designing Implementation



I'd like to replace my current VOIP provider with an Asterisk based solution. I have some ideas I want to run by the list to see if they are possible, and get answers to a couple questions.

I want to setup two Asterisk servers that are linked to each other: - The first server would be my "external" (public) server and would live in a real data center. The second server would be my "internal" (private) server and would live in my house. - The external server would receive all incoming calls and handle the voice mail stuff. - The internal…

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Asterisk -- How To Limit Voicemail Emails When The Caller Hangs Up Before They Leave A Message?



I use Asterisk with an SPA3102 (latest F/W). I have my asterisk voicemail.conf setup as follows:

; Limit the minimum message length to 3 seconds minsecs = 3

This works perfectly, however, when the caller hangs up before the beep (or during it?) then I get 1 minute and 22 seconds of (3-5 sec of dialtone, then saying to dial the operator)). How do I avoid getting this? If a message is not left, I do not wish to receive any e-mail/attachments like this, are there any workarounds? I assume this may be related to the SPA3102 but am curious to…

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Help Required IVR


Hello everyone,

I stuck in problem I have creating a time based IVR and its working fine. If my IVR playing in office hour it would standard IVR and if not they we have play a greeting message and place that call to voice mail of a extension.

My problem is this I am able to transfer the call on voice mail but how to play greeting message first. I am using trixbox 2.2.8 anyone help is this regard would great full.

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