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blind transfer works but not Xfer on aastra

Just saw this after we did the same upgrade… Take a look at the bug below (we first saw it in 1.8) – it has a work around that you can use…




i am running 1.4.37 and am hosted on Rackspace.
I feel like a took a step back by using the Cloud server service since
I am having a little trouble proving that my basic configuration is
Nevertheless, I want to upgrade to 1.8.
I use Centos 5.5

Anyone know of a good link that can help please? I searched Google
and got confused by the options.

Upgrade to 1.8. How please?

asterisk-stat v.2 and mysql 5.1.51

After upgrade to mysql 5.1.51 my asterisk-stat-v2 is not displaying correctly.
Does anybody have a similar problem? Is it due to mysql-5.1.51 or the problem is with new glibc-2.11.2 ?

Abandoned queue calls do not produce a CDR?

Hello everyone,

I’ve just upgraded from to

I have noticed that (after the upgrade) abandoned calls within the Queue
produce no cdr at all.

I am using unanswered = no (the default) in cdr.conf.

The call shows, as expected, in the queue_log as ABANDON

The dialplan is:
Answer(); // need to answer or no music!
goto s,no-ivr;


Note that if the queue times out, I am calling Voicemail and if the caller
hangs up a CDR is produced.

No audio on call forward after upgrade from Asterisk 1.4 to 1.6

I have a client that has an Ubuntu x64 based Asterisk server with and ISDN Dahdi interface and about 25 SIP handsets. Everything was working fine in Asterisk 1.4 and now after migrating the config to Asterisk I have one single issue that I can’t explain.

I have an extension that if you call it, it will play a sound file and hangup. Pretty simple stuff. Below is the extensions.conf entry for this extension.

exten => 849,1,Playback(custom/ceh-meetingmsg)
exten => 849,n,Hangup