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asterisk 1.8.8 – caller ID not working.

On 01/05/12 16:42, Joseph wrote:
>I just noticed after upgrade from Asterisk 1.4.39 to 1.8.8
>my caller ID is not working
>WARNING[1671]: chan_sip.c:13956 check_auth: username mismatch, have <11>, digest has >NOTICE[1671]: chan_sip.c:22048 handle_request_invite: Failed to authenticate device “KMIEC Z” ;tag=1c976040515

I had this problem before and was able to solve it:

Codec warnings after upgrade to 1.8

I’m getting various codec related warnings after upgrading to 1.8. Did I miss something in the UPGRADE file? Does Asterisk no longer transcode 8-)?

WARNING[11123]: channel.c:4909 ast_write: Codec mismatch on channel DAHDI/i1/12124221200-74 setting write format to g722 from ulaw native formats 0x4 (ulaw)


WARNING[11120]: channel.c:4909 ast_write: Codec mismatch on channel SIP/interglobe-sip-000001e6 setting write format to g722 from ulaw native formats 0x4 (ulaw)

AstLinux 1.0.0 release

The AstLinux Team is happy to announce the release of AstLinux 1.0.0. This release includes significant changes and improvements over past releases. Specific upgrade and new installation instructions are available at: http://www.astlinux.org

Some of the highlights include:

* Using eglibc instead of uClibc. This allows binary compatibility with add-ons that are provided as binary only (G.729 CODEC, Fax for Asterisk etc).
* Newer Kernel which better supports newer hardware
* Support for Jabber/Gtalk
* Removed mISDN support (the zaphfc DAHDI driver is included for single port ISDN cards)

A full changelog is available on the release pages. We provide versions with Asterisk 1.8 and 1.4.

Because this is a major version change, there are some special considerations when upgrading. Please read the instructions very carefully to ensure no step is skipped.


Please report any issues with the release back to the AstLinux mailing list.


The AstLinux Team

What version to upgrade to…?

Hi all,

I have 2 servers running and I’m about to build a third server. This
suggests the possibility of doing a rolling upgrade of all of my servers.

This brings up the question of what version to install and upgrade to. I
don’t have many upgrade opportunities, so I’d like to get as much bang for my
buck. Since I’ve applied some custom patches to my 1.6, I’d also like to get
to a new enough version that my patches would be useful to the community.

Should I go to 1.8.x? Or all the way up to 10.x? This is a production system
and I can’t afford to be “testing” code.

Inbound forcing ulaw!

Upgrade to There was a bug fixed recently (I think in 1.8.6, but might have been 1.8.7) which caused Asterisk to sometimes not transcode when it should.

Asterisk 1.8.5 eventfilter not working in manager.conf


Today I upgraded my test server from to 1.8.5 with all the
config files staying the same.

I have the line
eventfilter=!Event: FullyBooted
in my manager.conf

but since the upgrade this event is not being filtered out.
Has anyone else noticed this or is able to replicate it?