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11.0: How To Get Remote Commands To Show On Cli?

I’d like to see on cli what happens on executing remote commands. For instance:

asterisk -rx “originate Motif/gvoice/12026668765@voice.google.com,,rL(5000)) extension s@default”

Now I get on cli, verbose 10:

– Remote UNIX connection
— Remote UNIX connection disconnected

Any way to see call progress for remote commands? Something is going wrong with this command, although it works fine from the dialplan.


Getting Remote UNIX connection disconnected


I’m getting the messages listed below after login to asterisk cli;

Suppress — Remote UNIX connection message

We have written some monitoring and stat collection scripts that use
asterisk -rx “command” The script runs once a min and logs data and posts
any critical notifications. Everything is working well with this method
but we get the — Remote UNIX connection / disconnect message once a min
and we would like to suppress it. Is it possible without reducing the
verbose logging level.



Remote Unix Connection


Does anyone know where this is suddenly coming from?