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CRM Solution for Asterisk

What is the best CRM solution for Asterisk, which is easy to deploy and Open Source? Well, there are some good options out there but the reality is that It’s not possible to determine which one is “better”. Nevertheless you can always evaluate and consider which one fits your needs, that’s why among the different CRM solutions around, I would like to call your attention to Zurmo CRM, which have just released their 1.0 GA version.

The first thing about Zurmo is that the way they care about the community’s feedback, contributions and suggestions leads me to believe that this project has a brilliant future. The community around Zurmo has been a major factor to getting the application to where it is today.

One of Zurmo’s strengths is its focus on usability. Have you ever wrestled with a bloated, heavy and enigmatic CRM solution whose interface and “functionality set” match the complexity of the Inception movie?. Well, Zurmo tries hard (and succeed) to avoid that, as their ultimate goal is to create a CRM that everyone will actually use.

From a developer and Slackware Linux user’s perspective, used to test driven development and simplicity, there’s something about Zurmo that gives me a good feeling: it doesn’t try to do everything under the sun, but what it does, it does it right.

Developed under the Yii framework, and other set of great tools, you can expect an application optimized for performance that it’s able to fulfill your needs.

If you just don’t have the whole “CRM” concept clear, and why would you (or your client) need a CRM solution, then check this out this short and interesting introduction: So What Is CRM All About?

Now, do you want to avoid being one of the estimated 70 percent of companies who have tried implementing standalone CRM systems and failed?, then you should read this book:

It provides information for the business person who is trying to understand CRM and how it can effect his/her business.

BT Fibre and 2701HGV


Does anyone have any experience of connecting SIP phones to an asterisk
server through the 2701HGV router that BT supply with their Infinity

Thanks in Advance


One-way audio when calling multiple SIP


On one of our locations, I am having issues with one-way audio when I call
several phones with SIP/Phone_A&SIP/Phone_B&SIP/Phone_C. When I call the
phones individually, they work fine, so it’s not a volume setting on the
phone. Also this setup has worked at other locations.

Any idea’s what to look for?

Thanks in advance.

Deleting an inadvertent message

Hello Everyone,

Is there any way we can delete the following message sent to asterisk
ml, instead of the
actual user please? I appologize for the inconvenience however, my
personal info is in the


Thanks in Advance!!


911 multple-alert question

Can you set up asterisk so when a 911 call is placed, in addition to the
call out to the PSAP, it also alerts multiple other phones on the switch
and will display detailed information. Such as alerting a receptionist
or security guard there is a 911 call elsewhere in the building and the
location of that call within the building? If so, how?

Thanks in advance for the help…

Unclosed channel


My scenario is to accept the call from user àAnswer the call -àplay mohà

The problem is when the user send the bye the trunk call will not hangup

How to solve this issue

exten => 446696,1,Ringing

exten => 446696,n,Answer()

exten => 446696,n,Wait(2)

exten => 446696,n,Playback(Welcome)

exten => 446696,n,Dial(SIP/Trunk/${EXTEN},300)

exten => 446696,n,Hangup

How to solve such issue

Thanks in advance

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