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asteriks and ntt Japan

Hi All,

Reposting this since since i was not a member of the list when i first sent

I’m trying to configure an asterisk serrver with a NTT T1 line, i get the
error ‘no D-Channel found’, i searched the net and seems that NTT Japan uses
a special switch type called NTT (
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Primary_Rate_Interface) there was sa patch in
here http://www.spanky-world.com/lab/asterisk/asterisk_lab_content_03.html(japanese
only, use google translate) but is for an older version of
asterisk. Do you have an idea on how this can be fixed?

and a digium card Digium TE121

Thank you for your help


Asterisk compile option DAHDI SPANS

Hi All

what does the Compiler Option mean “LOTS_OF_SPANS” ?
The description is: “More than 32 DAHDI spans”
Does this mean, more than 32 DAHDI Channels ?

I have TWO T1 line so do i need to select this option ?