Asterisk 1.8.13 PlayTones App


Hi, i'm trying to implement a Playtones App into my IVR. If a invalid numer is entered, Asterisk should play the info tone defined at the indications.conf. My Extensions.conf exten => i,1,Set(CHANNEL(language)=de) exten => i,2,Progress() exten => i,3,PlayTones(info) exten => i,n,Playback(fettefinger) exten => i,n,Wait(2) exten => i,n,StopPlayTones() exten => i,n,Goto(i,3) The Console shows Invalid extension '5' in context 'support' on SIP/200-0000000a == CDR updated on SIP/200-0000000a -- Executing [i@support:1] Set("SIP/200-0000000a", "CHANNEL(language)=de") in new stack -- Executing [i@support:2] PlayTones("SIP/200-0000000a", "info") in new stack -- Executing [i@support:3] Playback("SIP/200-0000000a", "fettefinger") in new stack -- <SIP/200-0000000a> Playing 'fettefinger.alaw' (language 'de') -- Executing [i@support:4] Wait("SIP/200-0000000a",…

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Does Asterisk support AMR and AMR-WB


Hi all, I have a project for the 3G related, AMR and AMR-WB support. I'm using the client develop suite from the PortSIP(,
as their said
support the AMR, AMR-WB with RFC4867. Now I have to setup a SIP server/SIP PBX in our Lab for test, does the
support these codecs and RFC4867 ? If no, there has any plugin to support
this ?
Also, any other Server/PBX which support AMR, AMR-WB recommended are
welcome. Best regards,

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SCCP Questions


Hi List, Has anyone been running SCCP with a larger number of phones? Im looking to
deploy like 75+ phones and I want to keep SCCP so I don't have to upgrade
them and for the SLA, some phones also have no SIP software for them so im
forced to keep SCCP. Does anyone have any experience with this? From what
ive read the SCCP support works and works well, im just worried about
trying to run this many phones and if im missing any sort of issues that
could come up. Thanks!

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app_swift beta release


Hi folks, Just a note to let everyone know I've finally finished up the new BETA release of app_swift (now v3.0.1 b1).
This release introduces some pretty major changes to app_swift such as: - The entire code-base has now been unified and the build system auto detects which Asterisk version you're using (yay! one branch!) - Auto-detection and support for both the Cepstral 5.0 and 6.0 engines - Support for Asterisk 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, 1.8 Certified, and 10 - Asterisk 1.2 support has been dropped.
I have only been able to do some basic testing with…

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