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Transfer to VoiceMail Asterisk 1.6

I’m using Asterisk 1.6 with Polycom SoundPoint 650, everything is running
fine except that I can’t program a button on Polycom to transfer inbound
call to Voicemail directly.

I have the following in my extension.conf

exten => _547xx,1,Voicemail(${EXTEN:1}@default,u)

Reception can transfer directly to VoiceMail when dialing digit 5 I want to
make a softkey on Polycom 650 does anybody know how to accomplish tranfering
directly to VoiceMail?


Removing Polycom Transfer Softkey

Sorry for the crosspost. This was supposed to be on -users

I know some of you are polycom gurus…

Anyone know how to remove transfer from a polycom 33x phone? We’ve set
allowtransfer=no, but we would like to remove a polycom soft key as well.