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Asterisk: Receiving Incoming SMS On Analog or ISDN Landline

The way to tell if an incoming call is an SMS call or a voice call when receiving incoming SMS on an Analog or ISDN line in Asterisk is by reading the callerid.

Normally there is only one Short Message Service Center (SMS Center) which can send you SMS on a fixed line. By looking at its callerId you can know if it is an SMS call.

In the mobile world, nevertheless, we can not consider an SMS as a call, and the cellphone won’t send a SMS directly to the landline phone. What it will do is to hand the SMS to the carrier used by the mobile SMSC, which then will hand it over the SMSC used by the landline carrier.

Messaging capable app_sms


has someone done a patch for app_sms so it is capable of sending the SMS
down the messaging-infrastructure in asterisk-10?




I need to send SMS from Asterisk to an SMPP server. Is there a SMPP
channel or any other know way to send SMS via Asterisk?
I don’t care if its is paid software.

Working on web based IVR Designer for asterisk and Freeswitch

We are working to develop a web based IVR Designer that will work with
Asterisk as well as Freeswitch using Raphaejs library, Click following link
for detail


Looking for your valuable suggestions

Nasir Iqbal

SMS, Fax and Voice broadcasting solution

Assistance sending mass sms to cellphones


I would like to know if is possible to send mass sms with an php agi script through asterisk?

For example: I have about 50 cellphone numbers I would like to text whenever theres a meeting, I should load the numbers from a database and send a message via web with php and have asterisk send it.

I’ve been googling about it but, I get a lot of providers that already do this but, I would like to learn how to do it myself since my budget is very minimum.

Thanks in advanced for your help and time.

Inbound SMS

I know Asterisk 1.8 can send out texts via SMS()

Can I send Asterisk a text via a DID and it do something?

So far I am reading that it cannot but I do not know if there have been