On Mon, Mar 19, 2012 at 21:24, Danny Nicholas wrote: > Which "Technology" are you using for the call (DAHDI/SIP/other)?
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> after call sucessfully answered.
> Hello All,
> I upgraded Asterisk from 1.8.4 to Asterisk last week. After the
> upgrade when I make a call and…

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Normal ringing tone for the caller, while call waiting.


Hi , When I make a call to an extension, which is on another call, the called
party (who is on call waiting) will get a BEEP sound. But the caller gets
the normal ringing tone. Is there any way to have a different dialer tone
for the Caller, which lets him know that the other person is on a call.. i.e. When A calls B, while B is already on a call with C, Is there a way to
let A get a message that B is busy on another call. Thank you. Regards,

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Park() ignores 'r' option which should disable music on hold in favour of ringing tone


When I receive a call, I want to automatically park it from the dialplan so that I can retrieve it later. However, I don't want callers to be aware that they are being parked, so I want to play a ringing tone to the caller. Park() is supposed to be able to do this: Park([timeout][,return_context[,return_exten[,return_priority[,options[,parking_lot_name]]]]])
r: Send ringing instead of MOH to the parked call.
s: Silence announcement of the parking space number. I've created an extension to test this with, here's what I have in extensions.conf: exten => *10,1,Answer
exten => *10,n,Park(120000,special,*59,1,rs)

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