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I have 5 Asterisk servers all using mysql realtime to store queue log information.

There is 1 out of 5 servers which stores the data in 4 columns : 'data1' --> 'data 5'.

All other servers store data in 1 column 'data' with the data seperated by pipe.

I see no difference in my configuration of extconfig.conf and logger.conf. Maybe a hidden default value ?

Can someone tell me which setting makes the mysql realtime driver store data in 1 column or in seperate columns ?

Using Asterisk

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Voice Analytics


Does anyone know of a realtime voice analytic engine that works with asterisk 11+ ? We want to be able to "listen" on the conversation for key words in order to ensure compliance . The plan is to show these keywords onscreen, and remove them once the agent has covered the compliance issues.

This would necessitate that the conversation is monitored and analysed in realtime as we can't do it post-call ;)



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Realtime Sip.conf And Templates


Is the template capability in sip.conf compatible with realtime sip.conf entries such as users in a database?

I notice that contrib/realtime/mysql/sippeers.sql and the wiki page don't mention a template column:


while some third-party examples do suggest that a column named "template" is permitted:


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Disable Transcoding


Hello I use asterisk realtime, and I can set the order of codec preference on my realtime allow column.

If I could disable transcoding, then I can always ensure a passthrough of the common codec from origin to destination without transcoding (expensive on CPU) - and more or less, force the codec to use by setting the codec preference

So, can I disable transcoding?

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Realtime Vs Static Files



We're trying to decide whether to switch back to a static file for sip.conf. Currently we use mysql realtime but can't see any real benefit.

Why would someone choose realtime sip over static files?


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Followme Ldap Realtime Problems


Hi all,

I am having problems configuring followme with realtime ldap database. The error I get is: [2012-10-23 21:01:40] WARNING[16004]: res_config_ldap.c:967 realtime_multi_ldap: realtime retrieval requires at least 1 parameter and 1 value to search on. [2012-10-23 21:01:40] WARNING[16004]: app_followme.c:1175 app_exec: Profile requested, adomaitis, not found in the configuration.

cli commands: realtime load followme name adomaitis realtime load followme_numbers name adomaitis works as expected, meaning that shows informations fetched from ldap.

relevant config are extconfig.conf followme => ldap,"ou=People,dc=example,dc=com",followme followme_numbers => ldap,"ou=People,dc=example,dc=com",followmenumbers

res_ldap.conf: [followme] name = AstFollowMeName musicclass = AstFollowMeMusic musiconhold = AstFollowMeMusic music = AstFollowMeMusic context = AstFollowMeContext takecall = AstFollowMeTakeCall declinecall = AstFollowMeDeclineCall call_from_prompt…

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RealTime Table Fields Ordering



According to http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/Asterisk+RealTime+Sip:

Quote: If you place "ipaddr" before "host" (in the case of dynamic), you will never load the public IP address of your sip device, as it will be overwritten when "host" is encountered. UnQuote.

From the latest Asterisk source tarball, the 'contrib' directory contains several realtime MySQL table definitions. The sippeers table has column 'ipaddr' before column 'host'. Also, 'permit' comes before 'deny'. Same for allow/disallow. Shouldn't the correct RealTime column/field order be: deny, permit and disallow, allow and host, ipaddr?

As a side note, the iaxfriends RealTime MySQL table definition in the 'contrib' directory lacks the deny/permit fields which…

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Any Good Way To Reload "realtime" Configuration


Hello, properate After I alter configurations of asterisk realtime in "extconfig.conf" If there is a good way to apply new configuration? At moment, I do a "core restart now" or "core reload". Probably either of them is not an appropriate "reload realtime". But in Asterisk CLI realtime, there is not a "reload" like "sip reload" or "dialplan reload" I am wondering if you guys have suggestions for this realtime reload action?


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Realtime peers and trunks coming from the same IP


I use an SBC to protect my pool of asterisk servers and as trunking
endpoint with SIP Telcos. Now I'm trying to implement SIP phone
registration to be delegated through the SBC, as a proxy. It doesn't work. It just works when I don't use realtime peers at the
asterisk servers. Using realtime SIP peers, since there is one SIP phone
that gets his registration delegated through the SBC, any inbound call that
tries to reach any asterisk server, coming from any SIP Telco trunk ended
at my SBC, gets refused in asterisk. As…

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