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Queues And RingInUse


I have some problems with a Queue and state interface.

In the queue we have 7 deskphones and 7 cordless. Every user have one deskphone and one cordless phone.

I have set up every user with hints, eg:

exten => 802,hint,SIP/9144-802&SIP/9144-902
exten => 902,hint,SIP/9144-902&SIP/9144-802

Queue_name Interface state_interface
9144-vmi SIP/9144-802 hint:802@hints
9144-vmi SIP/9144-902 hint:902@hints

802 = is a cordless phone
902 = is a deskphone Both are in use by same user.

To the problem, when we have RingInUse = 0, we only get calls on one of the devices (because the other one gets in RINGING state). If the user is not on phone we want both phones to call, but if the user is in phone the other phone should not call.

Any id

Exit Call Queue By Pressing Digit


I want a caller who is waiting in the queue to be able to exit this queue (and the waiting) by pressing a digit.

I read in the wiki :

//; A context may be specified, in which if the user types a SINGLE
digit extension while they are in the queue, they will be taken out of the queue and sent to that extension in this context.//
//This is the context that is used to allow the caller to exit with a key for further action. For example, press “1” to leave a message/

So I fill in the ‘context’-parameter with a value ‘queueexitdigit’.

In extensions.conf I have a context [queueexitdigit].

But when I test this and press a key (for example 5) while I’m waiting in the call queue, nothing happens ! I’m still in the call queue… waiting.

Which part of the configuration am I missing ?

Kind regards, Jonas.

Kepress While On Queue


Will Keypress option will work when am in the queue and hearing MoH?

Lets say a caller is waiting in queue and while he is hearing MoH, can he key in some DTMF and go to some other queue? is that possible?


Queue Member Ackcall – Cpuspikes


Asterisk Version:
OS: CentOS release 5.3 (Final)
uname: 2.6.18-128.el5PAE #1 SMP Wed Jan 21 11:19:46 EST 2009 i686 i686 i386
GNU/Linux Application: Queue Specific Details: Obtain Acknowledgement from queue member before bridging the caller. Language: AEL
Similar Example:http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/Asterisk+tips+Queue+Member+ackcall

1. User calls in a General Number

2. Call is queued in Queue Application

3. Queue calls a Local/xxxx@members channel

4. At members context:
Dial The real member(called party) channel with a U(GOSUB X) routine
4.1 The “called party” answers, & is led to the GOSUB routine X:
Here the prompt is given to the called party to acknowledge the incoming call
[ depending on the out put, this will return appropriate GOSUB result ]
4.2 Based on the GOSUB result, the Dial proceeds

5. The Queue proceeds based on the result taken at 4.2 above. i.e. Take it as a success & build the bridge between the caller & member Whether to DIAL the next member

The Question: All goes well & the dial-plan works. If between step 4.1 &
4.2, the caller hangs up asterisk gives CPU spikes. Symptom: ASTERISK CLI gets stuck until step 4.2 returns.

Console Error: app_dial.c: Could not stop autoservice on calling channel
[ Somehow get the feeling that this is not the real error]

What could be the reason for CPU SPIKES. How to avoid this ?


Queue Stats Last Reset Date/time

Hello everybody,

is there any way to find out when the queue stats (‘queue show’ / AMI action ‘QueueStatus’) was last reset (by ‘queue reset stats’)? These counters would make much more sense if I knew what timeframe they cover. ;)

Queue – How To Jump To Next Member After NO ANSWER?

Hi all,

I have a Queue with 3 members:

When call arrives SIP/100 is ringing.. After given timeout ringing stops but call is not routed to next member but SIP/100 starts ringing again.

I know that this is because SIP/100 is still available in the Queue but is it any way to make a Queue witch strategy:

call SIP/100 – if it is BUSY, UNAVAILABLE, PAUSED or _NO_ANSWERED_ after given number of time – hump to the next member?

Thanks in advance.