PRI Callerid Passthrough


Hi All, I have to forward incoming call on PRI back out to PRI but I need the original Callerid to passthrough. Is it possible with DAHDI PRI cards without involving the service provider?


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Dahdi Configuration Issue


Hello List,

I have configure 2 sangoma card each with 8 PRI lines with dahdi 2.6

the problem is i can see all channels configured in dahdi_cfg 480 channels configured but when I see /dev/dahdi i can only see 240 channels.

what could be problem I am using it wanrouter and when I put PRI in new card i only got calls on new line that means one of the card is inactive at same time all the lines and alarms are okay only suspected thing is /dev/dahdi.

is there nany setting in linux or kernel level which need to be set for solve…

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What Would Cause A Drop Between Two Asterisk Systems?


We have an asterisk frontend terminating all our SIP phones to, and an asterisk backend with a wildcard PRI card in it connecting to the PTSN. The frontend handles 99% of dialplan logic and just hands off anything outgoing to the backend via IAX2, which dials out on one of the open channels.

Lately we've been getting a disconnected calls. Keeping the consoles running it doesn't seem to be the PRI initiating the hangups, as I'll when I see hangups intiiated on the backend / PRI side:

-- Span 2: Channel 0/21 got hangup request, cause 16

Instead, I'm seeing


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Asterisk 11 - No "pri Set Debug Off"



In a machine I've got : CLI> pri set debug off No such command 'pri set debug off' (type 'core show help pri set' for other possible commands)

CLI> core show help pri pri intense debug span pri service disable channel Remove a channel from service pri service enable channel Return a channel to service pri set debug {on|off|hex|inte Enables PRI debugging on a span pri set debug file Sends PRI debug output to the specified file pri show channels Displays PRI channel information pri show debug Displays current PRI debug settings pri show spans Displays PRI span…

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