Call Presence For Offhook/Onhook Only


We have a customer with a dozen phones and they want nearly all of them to ring. Unfortunately this causes a firestorm of call presence notifications that overwhelm something on their network. Any existing calls get gappy audio for a few milliseconds when a new call comes in and when someone picks it up due to all the state changes between ringing and not ringing. They have a T-1 dedicated to voice so it isn't a bandwidth issue per se. We've been through a handful of routers and QOS settings but nothing has worked. Turning off the busy lamps fixes…

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Flowroute: Howto Set Outbound Callerid (ast 1.4)?


The flowroute website mentions that they set callerid on outbound calls based on the presence of (in order of preference): "P-Asserted-Identity", "Remote-Party-ID" or "From:". I've been trying to make outbound callerid work via flowroute to no avail. Does anyone have an extensions.conf / sip.conf snippet howto make this work? This is for Asterisk 1.4.44.

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Hints And Server-Side DND (do not disturb)


Currently I'm using hints to determine SIP presence. As I understand it, a SIP extension can be labeled as busy, ringing, etc, based on a channel status. So a channel MUST be present. If it isn't then the extension is considered to be "available". If my statement is correct then is there a way to set the extension as "busy" even if there's no channel associated with this extension? eg. when an extension sets server-side DND (Do Not Disturb), it actually sets a boolean value in astdb. Whenever asterisk tries to route a call to this extension, it first checks…

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trying to build on CentOS 6, problems with ptlib


I'm having annoying errors trying to get configure working. tar xvzf /usr/local/src/asterisk-
cd asterisk-
./configure I get complaints related to pwlib / ptlib... checking for openr2_chan_new in -lopenr2... no
checking /root/pwlib/include/ptlib.h usability... no
checking /root/pwlib/include/ptlib.h presence... no
checking for /root/pwlib/include/ptlib.h... no
checking /usr/local/include/ptlib.h usability... no
checking /usr/local/include/ptlib.h presence... no
checking for /usr/local/include/ptlib.h... no
checking /usr/include/ptlib.h usability... yes
checking /usr/include/ptlib.h presence... yes
checking for /usr/include/ptlib.h... yes
checking for ptlib-config... /usr/bin/ptlib-config
./configure: line 24978: 2*10000+6*100+5 /usr/lib64/ /usr/lib/:
division by 0 (error token is "/lib64/ /usr/lib/") There seems to…

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Distributed device state / presence info??


Hi all, Last couple of days i've arguing with my colleges about presence-info. >From the asterisk-bible and the wiki's i learned that it is possible to
let asterisk do some of the presense-info by means of the jabber.conf
file and a seperate xmpp-server. On the other hand, most soft-phones are capable of "doing something"
with presence, allthough most of them use SIMPLE-protocol, instead of
XMPP. So if when should one use the presence info from asterisk and when use
the presence info from the softphones.
It looks to me like doing the same job…

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