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announce in more than one language or announceoverride


I’d like a single queue to announce the caller’s position, etc., in more than one language without user interaction. ie. announce position in English then in French then in Spanish

Is this possible (without ivr)?

Can anyone please give me a Queue cmd example with ‘announceoverride’?



Remove Dynamically Created Parking Lots

We are bumping into an interesting issue. We have Dynamically created
parking lots. When the lots were created they had five positions when the
customer wants them changed to say 10 position. We update our database but
since they are already created the new range for PARKINGDYNPOS is being
ignored and the additional lot positions are not added. We have found no
way of pruning out the old lot so the lot is recreated with the new
positions. I have tried a “feature reload” and “dialplan remove LOTNAME”
and neither work the only think that works is to restart asterisk and this
is not workable. Any ideas.
Testing on asterisk

exten => s,n,Set(PARKINGDYNPOS=${l_DPPStart}-${l_DPPEnd})


How to know Caller’s last position in Queue?

Hi group,
I have a simple call center scenario set up on Asterisk. Customer calls the
DID and gets placed in Queue waiting for their turn to talk to the available
Sometimes Customer hangs up in between and in this case I want to get the
last position of customer in Queue.
I know there is a variable called ${QEORIGINALPOS} that gives us original
position of caller in Queue, but there doesn’t seem to have something
similar for exit position.
Am I missing something?


need to be able to pass a call to the pstn from another pbx trunk

pstn                                                           pstn

asterisk                 link between                 avaya pbx

both systems tied together by 2 pri’s
both have trunks out to the pstn
want to get rid of the avaya pstn trunk and send thru my asterisk box
avaya still has inbound calls on this trunk until late november (at&t
is dragging their feet doing the porting – 8 weeks between ) and still
has stations that we are not in a position to migrate to asterisk just
yet (about 500)
can get the call to show on the link between systems, but asterisk has
no station associate it with so it drops?
any suggestions out there?