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Change port from 5060 on Snom phone


I’m experimenting with using a port other than 5060 on one of our
asterisk servers.

Does anyone know how to change the target port on a Snom phone.
I have tried adding : to the end of the registrar but
this doesn’t work.
Advanced -> SIP/RTP -> Network identity(port) is something else before
anyone suggests it.

Thanks in advance


Layer2 Down in BRI connection

Hi All,
I am having an issue with layer 2 in BRi connection configured using Misdn:
after the BRI line working fine, a technician from our phone company came
in to add another number, after testing with his ISDN phone and BRI line is
working, from our asterisk server it is not :(.
When I check ports with “misdn show port x” it says:

* Port 4 Type TE Prot. PMP L2Link DOWN L1Link:UP Blocked:0 Debug:7
(as you can see here L1Link=UP *but* L2Link=DOWN)

since we didn’t change any setting from our end, it maybe an change from
our phone provider end that caused to have a *mismatch in the layer 2

*what we tried is:*
– we did reboot our phone system several times.
– I did reconfigure the ISDN trunk setting to refresh things (*using the
same config that worked before*)
– I did use another phone system that was not used before (to eliminate the
possibility that our current phone system has hardware issues) with no
success, it *displaying the same Layer 2 issue found*.
– I turned debugging on when making calls, it shows that calls go through
as programmed but it hits a down line (because of L2 issue) :

Problem connecting to 4569/UDP


Im trying to connect 2 asterisk servers between linux firewalls (iptables).

Im using exactly the same iptables script in both firewall servers,
but i dont obtain the same answer in both.

this is the scenarie.


Now i do a test on NetA

root@FIREWAL-NetA# nmap -sU -sV -p4569 public.ip.net.B

Starting Nmap 5.00 ( http://nmap.org ) at 2012-01-03 12:17 GMT
Interesting ports on public.ip.net.B (
4569/udp open iax2

All fine. Now i test the NetB

root@FIREWAL-NetB# nmap -sU -sV -p4569 public.ip.net.A

Starting Nmap 5.00 ( http://nmap.org ) at 2012-01-03 12:24 GMT
Interesting ports on public.ip.net.A (
4569/udp open iax2

Fine too. But when i do a ping test to the udp port, the answer is
not the same:

root@FIREWAL-NetA# hping3 public.ip.net.B –udp -V -p 4569
using eth0, addr:, MTU: 1500
HPING public.ip.net.B (eth0 udp mode set, 28 headers + 0 data bytes
len=46 ip= ttl=57 id=60657 tos=18 iplen=40 seq=0 rtt=0.0 ms
len=46 ip= ttl=57 id=60658 tos=18 iplen=40 seq=0 rtt=0.0 ms
len=46 ip= ttl=57 id=60659 tos=18 iplen=40 seq=0 rtt=0.0 ms

NAT/IPTABLES workarounds

Hello List,

I work in an environment where I have to request IPTABLES
changes rather than doing them myself. Is there a way to utilize my SSH
(port 22) to get a functional (and with good sound) Asterisk installation
with multiple channels up without requesting the 5060(SIP) 5061 (TLS) and
UDP/RTP (usually 10001-20000) IPTABLES allowances?


Danny Nicholas

Problem w/ PC port on Polycom 335

Hi all,

I’ve got a batch of Polycom 335’s that I’m trying to get setup. The phone
works fine, but when I plug a PC into the PC port on the back, the PC can’t get
to the Internet.

I’ve turned off all of the VLAN configuration. I’ve never had this problem
before, so I’m at a loss as to how to proceed.

Usually, it just works…

Any ideas?

Question on hung channel

I ran into a “rare” situation today.

A really short message is being played over the ALSA or console channel
from one asterisk box to another. Both running 1.4.30.
the incoming context on the ALSA or Console port box first runs an AGI
before connecting the audio path.
The AGI got hung up for an non-asterisk issue. then finally continued.
The audio from the server was DONE, the server already hung up the call.
So the console port is just setting there with nothing to do.
the next call in says – opps the port is busy so just give busy signal.

The original call never “frees” up and goes away.

How do I get the orphaned call to just close and go away?