after upgrade from to my provider gets rport instead of port


if you check out your sip.conf. On Jun 29, 2012, at 5:54 PM, gincantalupo wrote: > Hi all,
> after upgrading my Asterisk to I cannot register to my VoIP provider because it says I'm trying to connect to port 55150 (that's what the call center guy told me)...but I'm not. In my sip I've set port=5060, not 55150.
> The strange thing is that the rport inside SIP packets ("sip set debug") coming back from my provider is set to 55150.....seen on both Asterisk 1.4 and 1.8
> Does anybody…

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port 5060 is blocked by ISP


i have configured properly asterisk. At the one end i am using x-lite soft
ph and another end twinkle. call is going properly from both end but after
picking the phone not able to listen other one.
when i checked the port 5060 on the asterisk server it is always showing
closed while i have flushed all the rules from iptables (iptables -F) PORT STATE SERVICE VERSION
5060/tcp closed sip telnet localhost 5060 (could not connect)

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Can't make call with TDM410P


Actually I can start and receive SIP calls (PC client, iphone client)
but I have an issue with calling external number throught PSTN
(certified-asterisk-1.8.11-cert2). I'm having this  error when making a call: *CLI>   == Using SIP RTP CoS mark 5
    -- Executing [9000@local:1] Dial("SIP/3000-00000006",
"DAHDI/1/4384019357,10") in new stack
[Jun 23 16:18:09] WARNING[28781]: app_dial.c:2218 dial_exec_full:
Unable to create channel of type 'DAHDI' (cause 0 - Unknown)
  == Everyone is busy/congested at this time (1:0/0/1)
    -- Executing [9000@local:2] Hangup("SIP/3000-00000006", "") in new stack
  == Spawn extension (local,…

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Asterisk 10/1.6.1 and Dahdi/Libpri compatilities in BRI /PtmP


Hi, After an upgrade, I discovered yesterday strange things I would like
to share here. Basically, I'me comparing platforms:
The first one is a 2.6.26 (Debian Lenny) platform, with Asterisk, Libpri, Dahdi revision 8853 (must be between 2.3
and 2.5, I think).
The second one is a 2.6.32 (Debian Squeeze) platform, with Asterisk
10.5.1, Libpri 1.4.12, Dahdi 2.6.1.
Both are connected to telco BRI lines in TE/PtmP mode through a
Junghanns QuadBRI board (wcb4xxp driver).
Both handle incoming and outgoing calls correctly, as far as I can tell. But…

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Hi, i am trying to install the just from git cloned app_swift version.
Compiling works fine. Install as well. But if i try to load the module
at Asterisk it fails with. Command 'module load ' failed.
[Jun 20 11:29:51] WARNING[24217]: loader.c:460 load_dynamic_module:
Error loading module '':
/usr/lib/asterisk/modules/ undefined symbol: swift_port_close
[Jun 20 11:29:51] WARNING[24217]: loader.c:850 load_resource: Module
'' could not be loaded. My System Informations: server*CLI> core show version
Asterisk built by root @ server on a x86_64 running Linux on
2012-06-20 08:55:14 UTC root@server:~# uname -r

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Huawei K3765-HV with Asterisk?


Hi again, does someone use the USB-Stick "Huawei K3765-HV" with Asterisk? I have an 4-Port TT-Hub (Cypress Chip) and 4 USB-Sticks with 4 different
GSM Provider (Germany, France, Turkey, and Iran) Currently I use the "Vodafone Easybox 803 A" together with an ISDN
connection to my Asterisk Server, an analog telephone (PA710) and an USR
Sportster Vi 14.400 Fax-Modem (HylaFax). Grmpf, I was not abele to send faxes from my workstations direktly using
Asterisk And then the last question: Does someone know, how the OpenSMS API is working? The EasyBox 803A does support it and I…

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Fax Problem on direct FXO port


Sebastian, Seeing as this an issue related to faxing using the SpanDSP library;
if you do not get an answer leading to a solution here, then you may try
asking on the SpanDSP mailing list It's likely that the Asterisk users, specifically using SpanDSP, may be
on that list. Thanks, Rusty Newton
Open Source Community Support Manager
Digium, Inc | |
On 5/16/2012 12:44 PM, Sebastian Gutierrez wrote:
> Hi,
> I´m with asterisk

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Increasing voice volume without getting echo or entered digit problem


Dears; How I can increase the voice volume in the analogue line (at dahdi port) without getting a problems in the entered digits (when using Background function)? I got to know previously that it is possible to increase the gain at hardware and not software, this is better to avoid getting a problems. But where? I am using DAHDI 2.4 and another machine has DAHDI 2.6 Using txgain and rxgain from chan_dahdi.conf will not help, it will increase the voice volume but with the following problems: 1) Suddenly the call will be disconnected while we are talking.
2) When…

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Strange Asterisk port behavior


Greetings! Recently I had to change the port Asterisk listens to
(non-standard, to hide from bruteforce attacks), but at the same time I
wanted to not break the system for all current users. So I needed some
way to listen to two ports for some time. I did some research in the
Internet and found the only one solution - via iptables REDIRECT For
some reason it was not working for me, and I found many discussions
saying that lots of people can't get it working either. Despite the
statistics for rule say…

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