OpenVPN design w/ Yealink


Hello, We are toying with setting up a redundant data center for our hosted PBX
product, and plan to use the OpenVPN feature of our Yealink phones for
connectivity to each data center. The feature has been fantastic with
the first data center, allowing us to bypass all SIP NAT issues entirely
and allowing remote access to the phones' web interface without having
to touch the customers' firewalls. We recently discovered that the Yealink platform only supports a single
tunnel, and have been discussing options with them. They asked if any

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Aastra phone dial plan


All, I'm trying to configure the dial plan for my company phones. I'm seeing that there's a recommended dial plan of "X+^" and then check
the "send dial plan terminator" This seems to work ok. However I'm also seeing that a lot of people
completely specify their plan like this:
"1[2-9]xxxxxxxxx|[2-9]xxxxxxxxx|60[2-9]|6[1-2][0-9]|63[0-2]|70[0-9]|71[0-5]" Is there a benefit to specifying the full dial plan? Or should I just
use the smaller plan that matches everything? Thanks,

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How to check currently used libraries from command line ?


Hi, I've recently upgraded a system from 1.8 to asterisk 10 and also
updated spandsp while doing so.
I wondered what is the safest and easiest way to check from command
line which libraries a running Asterisk system is currently using
(just like "dahdi show version", for instance). Though I'm currently asking this for spandsp, this question is on a
more general plan (for example, which ssl library am I currently using
?). Suggestions ? Regards

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