Asterisk With OpenBTS And Mobile Phone


Hello people, I want to connect Asterisk with OpenBTS and make a call with a mobile phone. I use: Ubuntu 11.10 + Kernel 3.0.22 GnuRadio 3.3.0 Asterisk 1.8.13 OpenBTS 2.8 Nokia Mobile Phone OpenBTS works and I can send sms from the OpenBTS server to the mobile phone. What I also need is a call between Asterisk and OpenBTS. I have also two soft phones which works with Asterisk. And also OpenBSC is working with Asterisk successfully (OpenBSC is another project). Perhaps you can help me because I think it is an issue with Asterisk. I have tried both contexts, [open-bts] and [sip_external]…

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port 5060 is blocked by ISP


i have configured properly asterisk. At the one end i am using x-lite soft
ph and another end twinkle. call is going properly from both end but after
picking the phone not able to listen other one.
when i checked the port 5060 on the asterisk server it is always showing
closed while i have flushed all the rules from iptables (iptables -F) PORT STATE SERVICE VERSION
5060/tcp closed sip telnet localhost 5060 (could not connect)

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One-way audio when calling multiple SIP


Hi, On one of our locations, I am having issues with one-way audio when I call
several phones with SIP/Phone_A&SIP/Phone_B&SIP/Phone_C. When I call the
phones individually, they work fine, so it's not a volume setting on the
phone. Also this setup has worked at other locations. Any idea's what to look for? Thanks in advance.

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Proactive problem monitoring on SIP on Asterisk


Hello, 1) I am wondering what is the best practice to monitor if there are or were
problems with SIP calls on my Asterisk box. E.g. how about a software that
extracts all calls from the /var/log/asterisk/full (I have permanently
enabled verbose 10 and sip debug) log and tells me on which of them were
problems? Checking the logs manually is very hard, but as SIP is a
standardized protocoll, there should be tools doing that for you? As an
example, a person calling me recently got a 488 Not acceptable error as

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