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patch openr2 asterisk 1.4.42

Today, i needed to update the servers for asterisk 1.4.42, and how we use
openr2 on most of the servers, it was necessary to update the patch to this
version, as the last version of the patch on the site was
openr2-asterisk-4.1.39-p1.patch, i had to make my on patch updated. I paste
the code on pastebin.


Existing Asterisk 1.8 upgrade with new release

Hi All,

We are running asterisk and if in future i need to upgrade with new release then how should i upgrade it. The reason i am asking is i did lots of customization in make menuselect so do i need to keep all option remember or is there anyway i just copy paste existing configuration file in new tarball and just run make make install something like that… How you guys doing this process ?