ReceiveFax and multiple pages


I'm using asterisk and fax for asterisk I'm receiving a multi page fax using the ReceiveFax application with the
d and f options. The fax is being written as a tiff file but only the first page of the
fax is in the tiff file The asterisk server knows there are multiple files in the fax as can be
seen by the success message FAX session '8' is complete, result: 'SUCCESS' (FAX_SUCCESS), error:
'NO_ERROR', pages: 2, resolution: '204x98', transfer rate: '14400',
remoteSID: 'XXXXXXXXXXX' Here's the part of the dial plan that receives the fax…

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Skype-like dialing from web page


On Tue, May 17, 2011 at 01:30:33PM -0400, Mike wrote:
>Is there any softphone or TAPI plug-in that allows one to dial from a web
>page? As you may know, Skype has a mechanism that converts phone numbers on
>a web page to a click-to-dial application. I'd like to use this but on a
>normal softphone (Bria, Xlite, other). Generate a callfile, setting Channel to point to the softphone (e.g.
SIP/Xlitephone) and Extension to point to the number you want to dial.
(You'll need to specify Context too.) When the callfile is processed, the…

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