So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish!


I've been with Digium for just over seven years, and it's been an incredible experience that I wouldn't have traded for anything. When Mark Spencer invited me to visit Digium (and Huntsville) in early 2005, I could not have dreamed that I'd end up working for such an exciting, innovative company, finding a wife, and meeting hundreds of people (many of whom are now friends) around the world. It's been a time of tremendous personal and career growth, and my wonderful colleagues at Digium and in the Asterisk open source community have been directly responsible for most of that. Recently, though,…

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Nat Phone in Asterisk 10


Hello listers, Another opportunity presents itself in my 1.4 to
10.0 conversion. My asterisk is set up for 192.168.23.xx and most of my
phones are 192.168.23.yy peers. I work on two subnets so I have one phone
defined as 192.168.33.xx. This phone comes up and registers and accepts
calls and calls out in 1.4.41 but shows unreachable in 10.0. What changed
that is killing my "off-network" phone? Thanks in Advance Danny Nicholas

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