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broken SVN asterisk 1.8 ?

On Sun, Jun 05, 2011 at 04:18:25PM +0000, satish patel wrote:
> Hey guys!
> I have just download latest SVN Revision 322051 and compile and install but my asterisk -V showing still old version :( is it broken ?
> /usr/sbin/asterisk -V
> Asterisk SVN-branch-1.8-r321926

asterisk -V shows the last changed revision in the build.

To see the difference, try:

cd asterisk-src-dir
svnversion -c

/dev/zap/channel missing

Dear All,

This question is related to an old zaptel version (1.2.14) that I’m using for specific reasons on one of the machines in combination with Sangoma cards. The version of zaptel/asterisk/libpri cannot be changed :-). Even though this is an old version, I still hope somebody will be kind enough to help me a bit.

The following problem came out of the blue: whenever I stop Sangoma drivers (command “wanpipe stop”) the /dev/zap/channel /dev/zap/pseudo /dev/zap/timer and /dev/zap/transcode devices disappear. Executing command “ls /dev/zap” returns “ctl” only.

Starting the drivers and executing “ztcfg -vvv” doesn’t help. Asterisk will not start up again unless machine is rebooted. Asterisk will complain with “/dev/zap/channel: No such file or directory” during zaptel load.

Everything boots fine though if I restart the whole computer. So I am guessing something trivial must be wrong. UDEV settings, zapata.conf, zaptel.conf are correct.


P.s: I have already contacted Sangoma support, but so far we didn’t find any solution yet.