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To fix the issue below, Edit /etc/asterisk/modules.conf load => noload => load => Edit /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf exten => s,1,Dial(Console/snd/controlC0,20,A(trek)) exten => s,2,Hangup It worked perfect; one little issue that I have not fix is that I have to use this command #pulseaudio -vvvvvvvv Restart asterisk and it worked but if pulseaudio is not on asterisk won't work, I'm in the process of fixing this issue. Thanks,  

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problems getting to run


I am interisted to dial out from the console with chan_alsa. Can
somebody of you help me according this problem?! I added user the asterisk to "pulse" and "pulse-access", and it didn't
change anything. alsa applications are routed by default to pulse. cat /etc/asound.conf
pcm.!default {
type pulse
} ctl.!default {
type pulse
What might be the problem?! Here is the ouptut:
office*CLI> module load
Unable to load module
Command 'module load ' failed.
== Parsing '/etc/asterisk/alsa.conf': == Found

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Help Required---Problem in Installation without dahdi


Hi, Installation of dahdi requires kernel source that is not available with my remote virtual machine. Therefore I installed Asterisk without installing dahdi but when I start Asterisk it crashes while loading (noload is also not useful in this case). Any suggestions or hints to overcome this issue? Regards

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Multiple array overflow and crash vulnerabilities in UDPTL code


Asterisk Project Security Advisory - AST-2011-002 Product Asterisk
Summary Multiple array overflow and crash vulnerabilities in
UDPTL code
Nature of Advisory Exploitable Stack and Heap Array Overflows
Susceptibility Remote Unauthenticated Sessions
Severity Critical
Exploits Known No
Reported On January 27, 2011
Reported By Matthew Nicholson
Posted On February 21, 2011
Last Updated On February 21, 2011
Advisory Contact Matthew Nicholson
CVE Name Description When decoding UDPTL packets, multiple stack and heap based
arrays can be made to overflow by specially crafted packets.
Systems doing T.38…

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Modules still loaded after "noload"


Hello I'm using Asterisk 1.4.20, and can't have Asterisk not load modules I
don't need: ================
> cat modules.conf
noload => codec_speex.c ip04*CLI> reload
ip04*CLI> show modules
================ Just to check, I added the actual filename (.so): ================
> cat modules.conf
noload => codec_speex.c
noload => ip04*CLI> reload
ip04*CLI> show modules > /etc/init.d/asterisk stop
> /etc/init.d/asterisk start
> asterisk -vvvr ip04*CLI> show modules
================ Does someone know why Asterisk still loads modules even with the above
lines in modules.conf? Thank…

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