PHP/MySQL developer needed


We are currently looking for a PHP/MySQL senior developer in the Dominican Republic. We are offering a full contract with excellent salary. Requirements:

  • MySQL knowledge (you don't have to be a ninja but you must have a good level)
  • jQuery
  • Must be efficient and proactive, oriented to results.
  • Must live in Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo)
  • HTML/CSS knowledge
  • Linux CLI knowledge (this is a great plus)
  If you know would like to apply just send me an email (see the 'About Me' section).   Note: This is not a…

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New Release: MariaDB, MySQL alternative


The MariaDB project has announced the availability of MariaDB 5.3.3-rc, the first Release Candidate release in the 5.3 series. Several optimization features introduced in MariaDB 5.3 have been thoroughly tested, and switched on by default in 5.3.3.

Performance changes that has been worked:

ODBC problem - static realtime file not loading


Hi all I'm trying to configure my Asterisk setup to load the musiconhold.conf file from an ODBC connection to MySQL, working through the example given in the excellent book "Asterisk: The Definite Guide". I'm using Asterisk 1.4.19 and MySQL 5.1.58. I've configured the ODBC bit and in my GeneralLog on MySQL I can see the asterisk user connecting and sending a few SQL statements, such as "SET SQL_AUTO_IS_NULL = 0". After connecting, the asterisk user never sends another SQL statement, at least nothing that shows up in the General log. Asterisk is running as root. I've deleted the musiconhold.conf file…

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MariaDB 5.2.10 and 5.1.60 Released


This email is longer than usual, but that is because we are announcing today the availability of both MariaDB 5.2.10 and 5.1.60, the latest additions to our growing lineup of supported software. MariaDB 5.2.10 and 5.1.60 are primarily bug-fix updates to the previous 5.2.9 and 5.1.55 releases, respectively. == About MariaDB 5.2 MariaDB 5.2 contains features that didn't have time to go into MariaDB 5.1. For all practical purposes it's a drop in replacement for MariaDB 5.1 (and thus MySQL 5.1). The new features in 5.2 are quite isolated and as most have been in use by members in the…

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