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Recommended VOIP Monitoring Tools

As system administrator, monitoring the continuity of services is vital. Today I would like to highlight some tools that could come in handy for VoIP monitoring.


For those of you who didn’t know it, Nagios can be configured to monitor pretty much anything you want, including Asterisk servers. Actually, with Nagios the (much) harder part is deciding what’s relevant to monitor, and what your alarm thresholds should be set at.

Some VoIP community members have reported that they used Nagios to monitor ~4,000 hosts and about 8,000 to 10,000 services before they started running into scaling problems on a single box.

For this purpose you might want to take a look at Nagios’ NSCA (Nagios Service Check Acceptor), is a Linux/Unix daemon that allows you to integrate passive alerts and checks from remote machines and applications with Nagios. It’s useful for processing security alerts, as well as redundant and distributed Nagios setups.


This is a free and OpenSource Software written in Perl written by Tobi Oetiker, (the creator of MRTG and RRDtool) that keeps track of your network latency and can provide SIP Ping Probe capabilities. Between the functionality list it provides, we have:

  • Outstanding latency visualisation.
  • Interactive graph explorer.
  • Wide range of latency measurment plugins.
  • Master/Slave System for distributed measurement.
  • Highly configurable alerting system.
  • Live Latency Charts with the most ‘interesting’ graphs.

Monitor PBX (or Монитор АТС in russian, it’s original language)

The homepage of this tool (which is completely in Russian) says that it is an open source utility that allows real-time visualization of key performance indicators Asterisk based telephony server. And that it is designed to evaluate the performance of the system under test, and in commercial operation.

(I think they should really consider adding an English version of the website)


Sure there is a big span of very useful and extraordinary tools around. So far, taking ideas from the Asterisk Community I could recommend this two. If you know about any other tool that could be use for this purpose, don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll get sure to mention it here.

Last Update: 01-Oct-2012

Features not working

Hi all.

I could have sworn this working at one time…

But it doesn’t look like any of the functions provided by features.so is
working for me. (one-touch monitoring, attended/blind transfer, etc)

I’ve (re)loaded features.so, as well as bridge_builtin_features.so.

The config file looks sane.

What else should I try?


Introducing easySysAdmin – automated security and telecom fraud protection

Hello all,

Voisonics is pleased to introduce easySysAdmin, an automated
support/security platform, designed to save your engineer’s time and prevent
hacking attempts and telecom fraud.

It comprises of an online service run by us, and a lightweight and
easy-to-install client on your side. Specifically of interest to Asterisk
users is the monitoring of SIP registrations, and automatic blocking of
repeated failed attempts.
This is done though a local application on your server so your call data is
totally secure. In addition, blocked IP addresses are shared via the service
so you can pre-emptively block addresses that others experienced attacks

We offer a FREE one week no obligation trial, and during the month of
January we also offer a DISCOUNT for Asterisk users. Just enter voucher
“asterisk01″ at the checkout to receive 30% off. Protection is available
from just US$84 per server with the discount.

You can read more and give the free trial a go at:


Our standard security package includes:

– Monitor VoIP traffic (SIP registrations) and block attackers.
– Watch remote server access (SSH logins) and block attackers.
– Detect spam relay attempts (SMTP) and block attackers.
– Scan of network ports to find vulnerabilities.
– Check of software for vendor (distribution) security updates.
– Custom monitoring of any TCP port or log file you want.
– Flexible configuration to set warn and blocking levels.

The background to this service is that prior to founding Voisonics I worked
with IBM for 10 years, and became responsible for the security planning and
audit compliance of many of IBM’s voicemail and IVR platforms across the
world. Using this experience and knowledge of their standards we have
created easySysAdmin.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.