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ISP Trunk Session ID?

Hi folks,

What I trying to do here is exactly this: http://www.asteriskdocs.org/en/2nd_Edition/asterisk-book-html-chunk/I_sect14_tt599.html

My provider given me a Huawei modem which have 2 phone jacks on it, but instead of using it I rather redirect my POTS number to my PBX. I ran into couple of bumps on the road but now it’s “half-working”. I extracted the SIP user, pass, server info from the modem and even managed to put my PBX into the same VLAN they use, on the exact same IP address like the modem but there is 1 problem:
It seems this modem also sends some session ID to the ISP’s sip server, something what Asterisk doesn’t by default. So if I do this:

1, Let the modem register at the sip service (the phone number can be called and ringing out)
2, Disconnect the modem
3, Let the PBX connect to the SIP server
4, PBX accepts the calls
5, About 5-10 minutes later it stops doing it, when I call the number it shows busy (beep, beep, beep), no matter if I restart Asterisk or not it won’t work anymore just if I do the same trick again

I’m sure the remote SIP server breaks the voip channel or something, it does NOT drop me out tho, my PBX can register any time without problem but no packets will ever come forward me anymore. It’s kind of hard to solve this from 1 side.

There must be some solution for this.

Please help!

Thank You, Sergej

make and receive call from dial-up modem

is it possible to use data voice dial-up modem to make and receive call for ivr system..

t38modem v2, which version or patch of asterisk?

Hi I’m developing for my company an Asterisk+t38modem+Hylafax solution.
I’m struggling in asterisk< ->t38modemv2 comunication. I’ve tried lot of
asterisk version but noone seem to function well. In asterisk
for example i can receive fax but I’m not able to send faxes due to a
“SIP/2.0 488 Not acceptable here” in asterisk 1.6 and 1.4 T38 codec
seems to be unsupported.
Asterisk 1.4.20 reports:
channel.c:3153 ast_channel_make_compatible: No path to translate from
SIP/T38modem-0-084e8dd8(256) to SIP/audiocodes_mp114-084d7858(8)
Is there an Asterisk version that could go with t38modem?
thank a lot.
I hope that someone answer becouse I’m very not so far to be unenploied…

T.38 “client” for Linux?

I am looking for a simple way to send occasional faxes via the FXO
port on my SPA3102 — without having to connect a fax modem to an
ATA. In an ideal world, this would be some sort of “softfax” that
runs on my Linux desktop and talks (via Asterisk) to the SPA3102 with

This is one of those things that I thought would be relatively
straightforward, but a couple of hours of Googling has left my head

I’m posting here in the hope that there is a (fairly) simple way to
do this, and someone can point me in the right direction.


Dragging the dialup customers along, possible?

On Mon, Aug 29, 2011 at 4:32 PM, Cary Fitch wrote:
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> From what you are asking it appears that you are trying to run similar
> to a fax (modulation and demodulation) over VoIP.
> Try again, the fact that you succeeded twice was pure luck, and as far
> as I understand that didn’t even work out.
> Switch back to TDM. Your dial up modems want that magic thing called
> timing and no jitter that only TDM will give you.
> ===========================
> This is more of a whimsical statement than a scientific one, but I would
> think in today’s world, there would be a real small box that would take in
> IP and put out TDM with good timing with a moderate buffering window.
> Obviously, the IP has to actually get to the box in a timely fashion, like
> “today” , but a TDM circuit has to be “up” also.
> A box that would take in IP data…, look for valid “ascii”, and otherwise
> put out TDM modem tones with no data content for “1 second” and then pick up
> the data as it catches up.

So you want to develop the equivalent of T.38 for dial up?

> Better a laggy modem connection than no data at all.
> CF
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use dahdi for local terminal modem access?

I have some terminals that have phone lines.

One of my tech had an idea of using IAXmodem or something similar to use
existing PRI/DAHDI Trucks for dial out via the asterisk/Linux console.

Anybody ever heard of doing this?

I would think maybe would use iaxmodem maybe and a shell terminal app?

(basically I’m dialing into a remote access device that uses a pots like for
remote administration, and don’t want to string a channel bank off my
asterisk box, and a hook to a modem)