ISP Trunk Session ID?


Hi folks,

What I trying to do here is exactly this:

My provider given me a Huawei modem which have 2 phone jacks on it, but instead of using it I rather redirect my POTS number to my PBX. I ran into couple of bumps on the road but now it's "half-working". I extracted the SIP user, pass, server info from the modem and even managed to put my PBX into the same VLAN they use, on the exact same IP address like the modem but there is 1 problem: It seems this modem also sends some session ID to the…

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t38modem v2, which version or patch of asterisk?


Hi I'm developing for my company an Asterisk+t38modem+Hylafax solution.
I'm struggling in asterisk< ->t38modemv2 comunication. I've tried lot of
asterisk version but noone seem to function well. In asterisk
for example i can receive fax but I'm not able to send faxes due to a
"SIP/2.0 488 Not acceptable here" in asterisk 1.6 and 1.4 T38 codec
seems to be unsupported.
Asterisk 1.4.20 reports:
channel.c:3153 ast_channel_make_compatible: No path to translate from
SIP/T38modem-0-084e8dd8(256) to SIP/audiocodes_mp114-084d7858(8)
Is there an Asterisk version that could go with t38modem?
thank a lot.

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T.38 "client" for Linux?


I am looking for a simple way to send occasional faxes via the FXO
port on my SPA3102 -- without having to connect a fax modem to an
ATA. In an ideal world, this would be some sort of "softfax" that
runs on my Linux desktop and talks (via Asterisk) to the SPA3102 with
T.38. This is one of those things that I thought would be relatively
straightforward, but a couple of hours of Googling has left my head
spinning. I'm posting here in the hope that there is a (fairly) simple way to

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Dragging the dialup customers along, possible?


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> From what you are asking it appears that you are trying to run similar
> to a fax (modulation and demodulation) over VoIP.
> Try again,…

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