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Getting channel ‘SIP/′ refused to negotiate T.38


I recently configured T.38 on Asterisk 10.4.2. When I send the fax to
Asterisk, it gives the errors as listed below;

WARNING[25986]: app_fax.c:442 transmit_audio: channel
‘SIP/′ refused to negotiate T.38
WARNING[25986]: app_fax.c:174 span_message: WARNING T.30 ECM carrier not

As in sip.conf the configuration is listed below;

t38pt_udptl = yes,fec,maxdatagram=400
faxdetect = t38

And the rest are the standard configuration.

Please advise to resolve this issue.

asterisk-users Digest, Vol 95, Issue 20

Anybody, can you please share your thoughts to overcome this issue?

> Hi,
> I’m getting error: ‘ FAX session ‘9’ is complete, result: ‘FAILED’
> (FAX_FAILURE_PARTIAL), error: ‘3RD_T2_TIMEOUT’, pages: 1, resolution:
> ‘204×196′, transfer rate: ‘9600’, remoteSID: ” ‘ when I tried send fax
> more than 2 pages to Asterisk using T.38.
> First I set speed rate to 14400 which I was getting same error message
> while sending 2 fax pages document. Later I set the speed rate for sending
> fax machine to 9600(which is the lowest speed rate available fax machine),
> I was able to send 2 pages document fax but tried to send 3 pages document,
> I’m getting this error message.
> The Asterisk version I’m using is 10.4.2. Please advise me at earliest to
> overcome this issue
> Note: Logs can also be provided as per request
> –
> Regards,
> Ahmed Munir Chohan

destroying time


Please forgive me if I’m repeating this post.
I have searched and looked for similar question but have not seen a similar

When I do call from client to Asterisk 1.8,

I do follows.

3. call established
4. Bye
5. call ended

After the call ended, my client receive the message like this.

“Really destroying SIP dialog ’54c09c884a61e39140a2358a5adb7d96@′

And at least after 30sec, my client disconnect from Asterisk.
I have to do REGISTER again.

I think this message means that “Asterisk will delete registration”.

Is this right ?

And why the time is about 30 sec ?
Is this default time ?
How to change tihis time ?

any help appreciated.


Skinny Channel Driver Remote Crash Vulnerability

A previously developed patch dealt with a denial of service attack exploitable in the Skinny channel driver that occurred when certain messages are sent after a previously registered station sends an Off Hook message. Unresolved in that patch is an issue in the Asterisk 10 releases, wherein, if a Station Key Pad Button Message is processed after an Off Hook message, the channel driver will inappropriately dereference a Null pointer.

Similar to the problem solved with the previous patch, a remote attacker with a valid SCCP ID can use this vulnerability by closing a connection to the Asterisk server when a station is in the “Off Hook” call state and crash the server.

Now the presence of a device for a line is checked in the appropriate channel callbacks, preventing the crash.

you can download the latest Asterisk packages in the download section, as usual.

Stay tunned for more security updates.

Asterisk 10.5.1 Now Available (Security Release)

The Asterisk Development Team has announced a security release for Asterisk 10.
This security release is released as version 10.5.1.

The release is available for immediate download at

The release of Asterisk 10.5.1 resolves the following issue:

* A remotely exploitable crash vulnerability was found in the Skinny (SCCP)
Channel driver. When an SCCP client sends an Off Hook message, followed by
a Key Pad Button Message, a structure that was previously set to NULL is
dereferenced. This allows remote authenticated connections the ability to
cause a crash in the server, denying services to legitimate users.

This issue and its resolution is described in the security advisory.

For more information about the details of this vulnerability, please read
security advisory AST-2012-009, which was released at the same time as this

For a full list of changes in the current releases, please see the ChangeLog:


The security advisory is available at:

* http://downloads.asterisk.org/pub/security/AST-2012-009.pdf

Thank you for your continued support of Asterisk!

Deleting an inadvertent message

Hello Everyone,

Is there any way we can delete the following message sent to asterisk
ml, instead of the
actual user please? I appologize for the inconvenience however, my
personal info is in the


Thanks in Advance!!