Digium IP Phones


Hello, Im looking to buy a digium phone D70 unit just for testing on lab; to
really understand the phone and features. I cant find any website with opinions; any here? Are they really valuable
to the price? (D70 quite expensive) Does the SDK for building apps is usable? Can you build powerfull apps?
Examples? Many thanks

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Call holding with chan_capi


Hi, I am using ISDN phones which have a "Park call" button. The idea is: you
are on a call, push the button and hang up. You can then go to another
phone and pickup the call without having to remember parking slots, etc. Unfortunately I cannot figure out how to get it to work with asterisk. I
suspect it has something to do with capicommand(holdtype|local)... Does anybody use this isdn functionality with asterisk? Many thanks,

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Calling a group of phones and force the speaker


> On Wed, Feb 8, 2012 at 12:48 PM, Danny Dias wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I wonder, if there is a way to call from A phone to a group of phones (B,
>> C and D) and force these phones to activate automatically the speaker
>> Is that possible?
>> Many thanks in advance
I've done this quite a few times with Polycom phones and the SipAddHeader()
application in Asterisk. There's plenty of guides out there with…

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atx timeout - play xferfailsound


Asterisk on Debian Lenny I'm finding that if no one answers an attended transfer (timeout set by
atxfernoanswertimeout), then the transferrer is handed back to the original
caller, and a beep is played. In 1.4 I was able to indicate the timeout and failure by setting xferfailsound
to a custom recording, but this doesn't seem to happen in 1.6 How can I indicate a timeout to the transferrer? Many thanks John

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A question about Caller ID


Hi all,
Sorry if this is a little off topic, but I just want to know a thing here.
What system is used for sending out the caller's number in the US?
Here in Sweden we use DTMF to send the number out. I just need to know what is used in the US since I don't think I will be able to use an American caller ID device over here.
Many thanks for any info,

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Asterisk Transfer



Transfer caller to remote extension.


Requests the remote caller be transferred to a given destination. If TECH (SIP, IAX2, LOCAL etc) is used, only an incoming call with the same channel technology will be transfered. Note that for SIP, if you transfer before call is setup, a 302 redirect SIP message will be returned to the caller. The result of the application will be reported in the The result of the application will be reported in the None - TRANSFERSTATUS channel variable:
    • SUCCESS - Transfer succeeded.
    • FAILURE - Transfer failed.
    • UNSUPPORTED - Transfer unsupported by channel driver.

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Help determining SpanDSP version


OK, I generally use Hylafax+IAXModem for our faxing, but I have been
fiddling with FFA and SpanDSP for a while. Is there a good way to determine what version of SpanDSP I have
installed and whether the app_fax.so module is the same version? Many thanks, Tom

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Too Few Fax Detections


OK, after my last message about fax detection, I feel a bit better informed and able to press forward. I started looking into this because I was getting lots of false positive fax detection errors in the logs with faxdetect=both set in chan_dahdi.conf. Anyhow, I do not currently use fax detection, and we have a dedicated Fax DID on our PRI, so setting faxdetect=no works fine. Having said that, I would like to sort it out as I may want to use fax detection in the future. Unfortunately, I seem to be having odd results. I set faxdetect=incoming last night…

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