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how to know length of file in seconds

Hi List,

Is there any way by which we can get the length of any recorded files into
seconds ?

Pops & clicks at the end of sound files

On Jun 6, 2011, at 10:51 PM, Steve Edwards wrote:
> Sox has a bunch of obtuse (IMNSHO) commands. There may be one that could automagically trim the pop for you.
The argument is question is the trim command. If the OP wishes to find an automagic method, they would need to determine the length of the file in seconds, then feed the length – durationofthepop to the sox trim command

voicemail odbc “Length is …..”

I’m using voicemail ODBC with Asterisk
Why do I see “Length is 186545″ or something similar but a different number
in Asterisk CLI everytime someone leaves a message?