Call Record File and Play


Hello, I am trying to achieve call record file and play the file to the user using
phpagi script. I am using the following code $rand="/var/sounds/145712900"; $agi->record_file($rand, "gsm", "0123456789*#", -1, 0, true, 0); also tried $agi->record_file($rand, "wav", "0123456789*#", -1, 0, true, 0); the file is created in the directory but when I try to play the sound I get
the following error incase of gsm AGI Rx < < STREAM FILE /var/sounds/145712900 "" 0
[May 24 14:00:07] WARNING[22415][C-0000019c]: file.c:492 filehelper: File
/var/sounds/145712900.gsm detected to have zero size. and the following error incase of wav file…

Asterisk Users 3.4 years ago 1 Answer

Asterisk Hangup Issue in Ringing State with Incoming call


I have simulated “Chan phone” driver according to my own driver code and I
am able to make internal and external [trunk] Asterisk calls. Only issue I am facing is with hangup in ringing state of incoming call. (1) Make a call from external X-lite to FXS and FXS is in ringing state
now (2) Disconnect the caller [X-lite] (3) X-lite sending cancel message to asterisk but hangup callback
[phone_hangup] is not invoking in driver. (4) Calle [FXS] is ringing till timeout; as I have timeout case incase
of ringing exceeded 30sec. If…

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