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Anyone worked with allo products?

Hey all I am looking at some products by a company called allo I am
wondering if anyone has had any experience with any of their items, phones,
ata, transcoder cards? How have they worked are they worth looking at?


Bryant Zimmerman (ZK Tech Inc.)

Interesting PRI issue

Hey Guys!

Please help me to find out issue. I have two PRI

## Span 1: WPT1/0 “wanpipe1 card 0″

## Span 2: WPT1/1 “wanpipe2 card 1″

Sometime my calls got through but some time i am getting pri cause 44

== Using SIP RTP CoS mark 5

broken SVN asterisk 1.8 ?

On Sun, Jun 05, 2011 at 04:18:25PM +0000, satish patel wrote:
> Hey guys!
> I have just download latest SVN Revision 322051 and compile and install but my asterisk -V showing still old version :( is it broken ?
> /usr/sbin/asterisk -V
> Asterisk SVN-branch-1.8-r321926

asterisk -V shows the last changed revision in the build.

To see the difference, try:

cd asterisk-src-dir
svnversion -c

ConfBridge for 1.8 ?

Hey Guys!

I am looking ConfBridge for 1.8 version of asterisk. How could i obtain and install with 1.8 ?


Read VoiceMail direct

Hey Guy!

I want direct access of VoiceMail without asking mailbox number (Direct ask PIN). I am using following dialplan but its still asking me Mailbox number. Look like asterisk 1.8 doesn’t support CALLERIDNUM variable.

Do you have any idea ?

exten => 8500,1,answer
exten => 8500,2,wait(1)
exten => 8500,3,voicemailmain(${CALLERIDNUM:-4}@default)
exten => 8500,4,hangup
exten => i,1,playback(invalid)
exten => i,2,hangup

Email alerts for trunks (peers)

Hey Guys,

I’m after a way to monitor our sip trunks (peers) and send an email if they go down. I know I could use ‘asterisk -rx “sip show peers”‘ in a shell script but that seems messy, especially since I’d like to monitor it fairly closely (so I’d like to run it every 20 or 30 seconds or so). Is there a better way to do it?