Return SIP 401 On Hangup


I am having and issue I hope someone can help with.. I have calls that often come in that need to be blocked. We wish to do this without answering the call. The issue is our carriers have fail over servers and will try sending the call from each when we block the call. If we send a hangup with a Sip 401 they will stop the route advance on their end. The issues is we have been sending a hangup/cause code 21 (Call rejected) But they are receiving a 403 Forbidden.. Is there any hangup code that we can…

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What Would Cause A Drop Between Two Asterisk Systems?


We have an asterisk frontend terminating all our SIP phones to, and an asterisk backend with a wildcard PRI card in it connecting to the PTSN. The frontend handles 99% of dialplan logic and just hands off anything outgoing to the backend via IAX2, which dials out on one of the open channels.

Lately we've been getting a disconnected calls. Keeping the consoles running it doesn't seem to be the PRI initiating the hangups, as I'll when I see hangups intiiated on the backend / PRI side:

-- Span 2: Channel 0/21 got hangup request, cause 16

Instead, I'm seeing


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Hacked By Microsoft?


This morning someone tried to make sip call through my Asterisk. My server just drop these calls and record them in CDR with IP address:

2012-11-28 06:30:51 SIP/216... 1000 "1000" <1000> hangup 999011972592249388 ANSWERED 00:01 Hacker: 2. 2012-11-28 06:30:49 SIP/216... 1000 "1000" <1000> Hangup 88011972592249388 ANSWERED 00:01 Hacker: 3. 2012-11-28 06:30:46 SIP/216... 1000 "1000" <1000> Answer 99011972592249388 ANSWERED 00:02 4. 2012-11-28 06:30:43 SIP/216... 1000 "1000" <1000> Answer 1011972592249388 ANSWERED 00:02 5. 2012-11-28 06:30:39 SIP/216... 1000 "1000" <1000> Hangup 2011972592249388 ANSWERED 00:00 Hacker: 6. 2012-11-28 06:30:33 SIP/216... 1000 "1000" <1000> Hangup 7011972592249388 ANSWERED 00:01 Hacker: 7. 2012-11-28…

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Simultaneous Caller/callee Hangup; Hangup Extensions Execute Only Once; Unable To Determine If Destination Channel Up



This is a question regarding whether there's any way within hangup extensions to determine whether the caller or callee leg (or both) of a bridged call has hung up. The test case I have is running under Asterisk, but the behaviour is observed in (and also

Within the dialplan, the Dial() application with the "F" flag, so that once the caller hangs up, the dialplan jumps to a new priority which enables the called party to enter some digits which describe the outcome of the call. Also, the "g" flag is used to attempt to continue execution of…

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Question On Softhangup


How do I use softhangup through the AMI interface?

I am using 1.4.43. Will softhangup hangup a DAHDI channel?

I have found that "Action: Hangup" does not hangup a DAHDI channel only sip.



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