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PRI Error On Span 1: Received MDL/TEI Management Message, But Configured For Mode Other Than PTMP

We are seeing the message ” PRI Error on span 1: Received MDL/TEI management message, but configured for mode other than PTMP” on one of our Asterisk boxes on a PRI. A Google search turns up a number of hits for this error, but they are all for BRI not PRI.

I’m reasonably sure there are no recent updates or config changes.

Running Asterisk 1.4.37. We can update to 1.4.44 if it will help. At this time we cannot upgrade to anything later.

Does anyone know how I might troubleshoot this?

Redirect A GSM Call Through Wifi To A SIP Phone

Hi all,

I’ve try to search Google about this without any chance. I want to know if it’s possible to use a mobile phone application for redirect automatically incoming calls of a GSM phone connected to Wifi network to a Sip phone. I’ve try to use different mobile phones SIP clients without any success. No one of them can redirect calls automatically. I’ve got Android and BlackBerry phones. Thanks. Sil

Launched New Asterisk Cilck 2 Call For Websites

Want VOIP Click 2 Call solution? We have designed a tool for providing the same with the help of Google chrome extension by integration of Asterisk and Google Chrome APIS.

Try Google chrome extension with your Asterisk, believe this will reduce your call efforts.

Visit here –


for more information.

If you find any difficulties at time of configuration then let us know, we will help you.


Google Voice Calls Fail

Hi All:

Has anybody tackled the latest Google Voice issue where incoming and outgoing calls for certain Google Voice accounts fail?

I have filed the bug report with details https://issues.asterisk.org/jira/browse/ASTERISK-22176

For incoming calls Asterisk does not reply to the initial XML request coming from Google Voice. Detailed comparison to a successful call initiation shows the lack of the “nick:” structure in the failed request.

Outgoing calls connect intermittently, but no sound path gets established.

Any ideas?

Thank you, Vladimir

Voice Recognition Voicemail To Email

I fuzzily recall someone posting a script that shuffled off voicemails to google for conversion to text that could then be emailed. Anyone have any luck with that? Anything new out there?


Google/XMPP And Asterisk/XMPP

Given the recent announcement about Google slimming their support for public interconnection with XMPP, can anybody comment on where this leaves the XMPP support in Asterisk?

In particular, I notice many of the references to XMPP on the wiki link to

which seems to suggest that XMPP support and Google Talk support are one and the same.

Is the XMPP support only tuned for Google variation of XMPP/ICE/TURN, or is it supported for all open Jabber servers? I currently run 1.8
(before chan_motif) against ejabberd