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Failed to Allocate port for RTP instance


I am trying to deposit a voicemail message(using voicemail() application) for a subscriber using asterisk- But i am facing  aproblem in the rtp port allocation for a session due to which ‘488 Not Acceptable’ response is sent towards the client end.  Following are error messages:

[Jan 18 12:43:59] ERROR[19164] res_rtp_asterisk.c: Failed to Allocate port 7660 for RTP instance ‘0x1a75ab98′
[Jan 18 12:43:59] ERROR[19164] res_rtp_asterisk.c: Oh dear… we couldn’t allocate a port (x=7662)7660 for RTP instance ‘0x1a75ab98′. errno 99
[Jan 18 12:43:59] DEBUG[19164] rtp_engine.c: Engine ‘asterisk’ failed to setup RTP instance ‘0x1a75ab98′
[Jan 18 12:43:59] DEBUG[19164] rtp_engine.c: Destroyed RTP instance ‘0x1a75ab98′
[Jan 18 12:43:59] DEBUG[19164] chan_sip.c: ERROR: failed to allocate rtp instance
[Jan 18 12:43:59] DEBUG[19164] chan_sip.c: Could not initialize RTP instance for dialog: 800E51A5-1140-E111-A216-001A4B4698C3@

Please  find attached the log file  for more information.


default iconmessages_rtp_port_allocation_problem.zip