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Anybody, can you please share your thoughts to overcome this issue?
> Hi,
> I'm getting error: ' FAX session '9' is complete, result: 'FAILED'
> (FAX_FAILURE_PARTIAL), error: '3RD_T2_TIMEOUT', pages: 1, resolution:
> '204x196', transfer rate: '9600', remoteSID: '' ' when I tried send fax
> more than 2 pages to Asterisk using T.38.
> First I set speed rate to 14400 which I was getting same error message
> while sending 2 fax pages document. Later I set the speed rate for sending
> fax machine…

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Meetme not prompting for PIN


I've just put into place an updated meetme server. I went from
to 1.4.42. In testing, it would seem that dynamically created conferences will not
prompt for the PIN. I've read though the readme and even went as far as
reading the 1.2 to 1.4 upgrade document. s far as I can see, there has been no changes in the way dynamically
created conference rooms are handled. This is working correctly on a
1.4.30 server. Below is a snippet of my dialplan with console output: Dialplan: exten =>

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Asterisk Export Fax from Wave file


Dears, I configured an account on my asterisk pbx to record the outgoing calls. When the asterisk pbx user make a call and send a fax the call recorded to
wave file format. I searched the internet and found a software that can play the recorded wave
file and export from it the tiff fax document sent. Is there a way that asterisk can play the wav file and export the tiff
document ??? Regards Khaled Chehab NGN Eng. Description: xplorium Operations Office - Lebanon Office : +961 1 868686 ext 115 Mobile: +961 3 045212 E-mail:…

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Is History-Info (RFC4244) supported ?


Hi, Googling, I came across this document
which says History-Info header is supported in asterisk.
Unfortunately, some details are missing (aka asterisk version). Reading latest 1.8 changelog does say much about this. As someone met any success implementing this feature (with Polycom 3.1
enabled phones, for instance) ? Regards

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FFA (Fax For Asterisk) tif file (size) problem


Hello, We succeed to send faxes using FFA, when the files are converted to tif
from PDF using gs, but it doesn't work with tif files we copy/upload
directly from our PCs. We saw in the manual that the size is important, since we got the error
"FAX handle 0: failed to queue document 'filename.tif'", so we set it to
1680x2285, but it's still rejected. Is there a way to debug this further and fix it? We often have tif
source files that we prefer to send, without converting to pdf and back

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