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Strange behavior – Can’t figure out


I have two asterisk boxes, one with asterisk and the other
with asterisk

Sip show settings of both boxes have no difference and also the peers

I am generating a call using call file with following details:
Channel: SIP/1028
Account: 9164421122 < -- this is the accountcode of 1028
MaxRetries: 1
RetryTime: 60
WaitTime: 30
Context: default
Extension: 1031
Priority: 1
CallerID: “Zohair Raza”<1031> < -- I want to see this caller id at
dialing peer (1028) and “Test” <1028> (originiating caller id) at
dialed peer

On asterisk I get results as expected and debug output is as below

Differences between PBX and SBC


I would like to know the difference between encrypt the rtp and signaling
between two asterisks, or putting an SBC in front of each Asterisk pbx. I’m
trying to understand whether an SBC could fit an Asterisk deployment


Polycom firmware 4.0.1 and paging


I just moved many Polycom phones from firmware v3 to 4.0.1b. Anto-Answer
simply stopped functioning. I can downgrade and make it work, upgrading
kills it again. There obviously is a difference in how the newer firmware is
treating this auto answer sip header.

Can anybody tell me if they have Polycom firmware 4.x.x working with
auto-answer/paging? Just so I know it’s worth my time to investigate, as
opposed to knowing it`s a Polycom firmware bug? If so, did you have to make
any changes to the SIP header sent to make Polycom phones auto answer?



Binding to a security risk?

On Sun, 5 Feb 2012, Josh wrote:

> I am a bit baffled though – Asterisk has existed for quite a while now
> and I am not sure why this wasn’t implemented sooner – everyone knows
> that using is a security risk.

Why do you see binding to to be a security risk?

If you only have 1 interface, what’s the difference?

If you have 2 interfaces, just bind to one or the other.

If you have 3 or more interfaces (or you need to just bind to some
subset), you should have the skills to configure ‘iptables.’

Unfortunately, (IIRC) Asterisk does not reply to the same interface
packets are received from which limits the usefulness of multiple

difference between playback and background?

In the dial plan language of asterisk, what is the difference between prompting the user with a Playback() command vs. a Background() command? I want in a part of my dial plan to ask the user a prompt, and wait for 4 digits to be typed in. I don’t want the user to have to end the string with a pound or something, just wait 2 seconds after they stop typing. ANd I do want the prompt to be interruptible if the user is fast and knows already what to do…

I need to do some tests on the number they entered. If i use background(), and say the prompt, and then follow with a WAIT command, how do i reference the number they just typed in? does asterisk set the ${EXTEN} variable when the user types something?

What I find maddening about the asterisk documentation is a lack of clarity on the sequence of things, and what variables get set when?

difference between SIP peer and SIP user ?

Hi list,

I am confuse about these CLI commands
*sip show users
sip show peers*

Can someone clear my doubt ….. what are the difference between them?