Common/Reasonable Assumption on DID/Channel over-subscription


Hello All, just throwing this out there. What are people generally using these days
when designing their services, esp. those that require a user to call a DID
to access their system, similar to calling card services. There was a time
when this used to be 50 to 1 for DIDs, and about 10 to 1 for number of
channels bought in SMB with IP-PBX. I believe this would have changed today and assuming a service is pretty
popular, the ALOCs are longer due to cheaper rates and convenience of
calling. Does anyone have…

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Set Caller Number in E1 PRI ISDN Lines


Hi, I am having an E1 PRI ISDN Lines with 30 bearer channels and 1 D Channel
with hundred DIDs (Direct Inward Dialing) numbers attached to a Sangoma PRI
Card on the server,
I am using asterisk 1.8.5 on CentOS 5.6. How can i configure DIDs so that if i make an outgoing call the DID number
should go to the caller not the pilot number For example PRI Numbers Range -> 31303000 - 31303099
Pilot Number -> 31303000 So if i need to set caller number as 31303008 for example and not as

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DID to display the calling number


Hi All; The main number is 56725000 and we have DIDs from 5000 to 5999. Now, I need that if five IP Phones make outside calls, then destination should see only 56725111 so I beleive it is related to the DID 5111 but I do not know what I have to do a settings for this DID and where, so I can acheive this. Any advise? Regards

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ITSP failover for PRI


Hi, I still have the same problem trying to configure ITSP failover in
extensions.conf for a connected PRI. Any comments thoughts or direction
would be greatly appreciated. I sympathize with wanting inbound DID failover. If we have a client with
multiple DIDs we will spread them across two or three ITSPs so that all
inbound connectivity will not be lost if one of them has an issue. I have a little experience with using SS7 from when we set up multiple call
centers in Norway for Telenor. Using SS7 we were able to determine incoming

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