AMD With Analog Lines - DIALSTATUS Empty



I would like to use AMD on outgoing calls using analog line. I tested with SPA3102 and cisco2811 as gw and asterisk as well as 11.8.1 Other end is analog number behind another cisco/asterisk, also tested calling a mobile number with the same result.

What I did: dial is done like exten => s,n,Dial(SIP//,,M(myMacro)), which tell Asterisk to execute myMacro when the call is answered by calling party.


exten => s,1,NoOP(Executed when call is answered) same => n,AMD() same => n,NoOp(Dial status=${DIALSTATUS}) same => n,NoOp(AMD status=${AMDSTATUS} cause=${AMDCAUSE}) same => n,MacroExit()

Problem is that [myMacro] is executed as soon as the…

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extending fallback numbers


Hi A couple of weeks ago I asekd how to setup a fallback numer and one of
the reply I received was to se GotoIF and ${DIALSTATUS}.
I succeeded in making it work for a single fallback number (i.e. the
operator), but I want to extend it in the following manner: 2000-2099 -> fallback to 2000
2100-2199 -> fallback to 2100
2200-2299 -> fallback to 2200
2300-2399 -> fallback to 2300 and so on...
How do I implement such a configuration in a dialplan? TIA

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Asterisk Dialstatus


The DIALSTATUS channel variable is created when you attempt to connect to another device or endpoint and bridge the call with the Dial Application. It contains the status of the call reflected in one of the following values:

  • BUSY
  • DONTCALL - For the Privacy and Screening Modes. Will be set if the called party chooses to send the calling party to the 'Go Away' script.
  • TORTURE - For the Privacy and Screening Modes. Will be set if the called party chooses to send the calling party to the 'torture' script.

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Asterisk Dialstatus


Hello, I'm using AGI scripting with asterisk and need to execute certain commands just after Dial(). But once dial command is executed, further commands/instructions are ignored.

$dialstatus = $agi -> get_variable("DIALSTATUS");


    do something.......
thanks, Kamlesh

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Why **CONGESTION** not *****NOANSWER****** ?


Hi List, I have a DID number which is routed to my production server. Problem is
that when I dial that DID number from my production number then it's gives
DIALSTATUS to CONGESTION if I don't pick the calls. As per the asterisk it
should reply NO ANSWER. *extensions.conf *:-
exten => 08723310476,1,Dial(SIP/2218)
same => n,NoOp(**${DIALSTATUS}**)
same => n,ExecIf($['${DIALSTATUS}'='CHANUNAVAIL']?NoOp(Channel
unavailable. On SIP, peer may not be registered.))
same => n,ExecIf($['${DIALSTATUS}'='BUSY']?noop(Busy signal. The
dial command reached its number but the number is busy.))
same => n,ExecIf($['${DIALSTATUS}'='ANSWER']?noop(Call is answered.

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Hello, I tried to search the answer of my problem but unable to get resolution so sending to you guys. I'm using asterisk and writing the AGI scripts using PHP. I'm unable to retrieve the DIALSTATUS value, during execution of AGI script, I get empty value. Extracts from AGI Script: #!/usr/bin/php -q
< ?php
include_once ("phpagi-2.14/phpagi.php");
$agi = new AGI();

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Hello, We have a strange situation (asterisk, where we get a result for
DIALSTATUS for BUSY and No-ANSWER, but nothing for CANCEL. This is the (relevant) test dialplan:

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Correct operation of timout parameter for dial application


Hi All, I'd just like to verify what the correct operation of the timeout parameter is for the dial application. I'm not sure if I've encountered a bug or a configuration issue. When a sip phone is not responding to invites on an outbound call, the dial application still waits the duration of timeout before continuing with dialplan execution. I was under the impression that app_dial would timeout on the signalling prior to the timeout parameter specified in the dial parameter. For example, consider the following dialplan: exten => 111,1),Dial(SIP/phone1,30,tg)
exten => 111,n,NoOp(DialStatus=${DIALSTATUS})
exten => 111,n,GotoIf($[${DIALSTATUS} = CHANUNAVAIL]?unavail)

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Hi, Here is the scenario:
1. 1st phone calls and asterisk dials to extension no.
2. Extension answers 1st caller(which makes it busy).
2. 2nd phone calls and asterisk dials to extension no.
3. 2nd phone hears a BUSY tone, but have to wait for the timeout to expire(in DIAL cmd) before proceeding to the next step in dialplan
4. Get the current DIALSTATUS, but it returns NOANSWER, instead of BUSY the problem is, since the 2nd caller hears a busy tone, it should not wait for the timeout to expire, and proceed immediately in…

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