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Asterisk 1.6.2 > 1.8.12

Jonas Kellens wrote:
> Will ODBC become the default then ?

As far as I’m aware, yes.

You need to make sure that unix-odbc development libraries are installed.

Under Mandriva, Mageia:

urpmi unixodbc-devel


apt-get install unixodbc-dev

And here is a good link to get you started:



I want to participate in development

Hi Asterisks Developers,
I want to learn all about IP telephony and I was wondering If I can participate in development?
Thank you

Skype Messaging with Asterisk 10?


is every development on chan_skype out of the question after Skypcrosoft pulled the plug, or can we hope for an Asterisk 10 Version that supports the new, shiny messaging-api in asterisk 10?


C wrapper for AMI?

Has anyone written a C wrapper to ease development with the AMI? I found a couple of c++ ones, but not C.


How to learn encrypted VoIP development for embedded systems

Hi list,

A few times I have been asked if I could do encrypted VoIP development, for
embedded systems, and in C++. And my answer has been in negative.

Now I am thinking I should start learning how to do it, but I have no clue
where to start from. I have been developing in Java for some time now, but
haven’t touched C++ in years. I haven’t programmed for embedded systems.
Even if I knew C++ well enough, I have no idea how to program my own
protocols and then also come up with some encryption methods for them.

I’ll appreciate if those of you who have experience in this field could
guide me to any references, links, books, or other learning sources.