Compiling asterisk with mysql support


I have a working asterisk test box that I'm rebuilding with mysql support
so that I can test cdr stats ( When I run 'make memuselect', I select res_config_mysql, app_mysql,
cdr_mysql, and app_saycountpl components. The build/install process goes
fine i.e. no errors. However, I'm getting a seg fault error when starting
asterisk. # /usr/sbin/safe_asterisk: line 145: 27014 Segmentation fault (core
dumped) nice -n $PRIORITY ${ASTSBINDIR}/asterisk -f ${CLIARGS} ${ASTARGS}
> /dev/${TTY} 2>&1 < /dev/${TTY} CentOS release 5.7
libpri-1.4.12 What am I missing?

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Should you "ever" use nat=no?


I've been lurking on the dev discussion on creating nat=auto. It all
leads me to think there's no reason to use nat=no. We have about 60 internal sip extensions connected to an multihomed
asterisk box where the external ip is not nat'ed. Each of the internal
sip contexts has nat=no. On startup I get a slew of warnings about
intruders being able to distinguish real extensions. But that isn't
right, is it? Or if it is, wouldn't the intruder have to be on the
"inside" net? But so what? Does nat=no buy you…

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AstLinux is a custom Linux distribution centered around Asterisk, the Open Source PBX. Although Asterisk remains the core focus, other VoIP applications such as FreeSWITCH are also available. AstLinux has many unique features that make it ideal for embedded and commercial Asterisk based solutions. AstLinux contains powerful networking features including:

Supported platforms include:

write system command output into a variable


Hey Guys, i would like to write the output from my bash script into a Variable, that is readable by Asterisk Using this:
Set(var1=${FILE(/dev/shm/tempfile.txt,0,6)}) is not very helpful because this command reading fixed character length. If i read 6 characters and in the file only 3 i get "123 "
Can anyone help me ? Thanx a lot for help Daniel

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Failed To Open /dev/dahdi/transcode


This error is usually present when you try load "" in your modules.conf file while not having a hardware transcoder. The solution for this error is simple, you can either ignore that error message or add “noload =>” to your modules.conf if you do not have a hardware transcoder installed in your system. You might face this error if, for example have Asterisk + A102D Sangoma card 2 port T1.

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Asterisk fail over. From IP rewrite issues


Hey guys, I hope somebody has some experience with the following because i'm stuck
I'm creating a fail over situation for Asterisk and this works great. The
only issue i have so fair os the from ip. I used the IP fix routing here -> and
that works, in it's own subnet.
But when the Asterisk box is in 10.100.2.x and my phones are in 10.100.3.x i
have no audio. (All the other stuff seems to work fine.. i can auto
provision, make the call (the phone will…

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/dev/zap/channel missing


Dear All, This question is related to an old zaptel version (1.2.14) that I'm using for specific reasons on one of the machines in combination with Sangoma cards. The version of zaptel/asterisk/libpri cannot be changed :-). Even though this is an old version, I still hope somebody will be kind enough to help me a bit. The following problem came out of the blue: whenever I stop Sangoma drivers (command "wanpipe stop") the /dev/zap/channel /dev/zap/pseudo /dev/zap/timer and /dev/zap/transcode devices disappear. Executing command "ls /dev/zap" returns "ctl" only. Starting the drivers and executing "ztcfg -vvv" doesn't help. Asterisk will not start…

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