Core Console Debug On Single File


Hi all,

I have console debugging enabled in logger.conf: console => notice,warning,error,debug

Then a issue de command: core set debug 100 manager.c

To see only debugging messages from AMI.

But It shows nothing!!!

And then if I do: core set debug 1

Then I can see managar.c debug info, BUT if lots of other debug from all other files.

How to see only manager.c (or any other ONE file) debug info?

(I'm using asterisk 1.8) Thanks, Gabriel

Asterisk Users 2.5 years ago 1 Answer

Debugging Sip


Hello, When debugging SIP in Asterisk is it possible to send the SIP debug
log to a specific file instead of the general log file, or even
better, send each call into its own file for easier analysis? Thanks,

Asterisk Users 4.2 years ago 1 Answer

Debugging not going to log file


I have an Asterisk server running, where I can't seem to get
the increased logging to save to the /var/log/asterisk/messages file.
I have tried using the standard "core set debug 10" and "core set
verbose 10", as well as specifically pointing it to the filename with
"core set debug 10 /var/log/asterisk/messages". Still, only the most
serious errors are being reported to the messages log file. It seems to work fine with my other Asterisk running Is
there something else that I'm missing? Dean Hoover
Waukesha, Wisconsin

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IAX Call token revisited


On 03/21/2011 06:49 PM, Dan Austin wrote:
> I just finished a fresh install of at home using the packages
> Digium hosts.
> After correcting a number of typo/config’o error that had crept in
> over the years, I thought I had everything working.
> My wife just complained that she cannot call her mother (who is using an
> old IAX hardphone I left for her).
> After turning up the logging level I see-

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AGI script exits non-zero when running system command


Hey guys I was hoping I could get a few pointers on a problem I have been
trying to debug for the last couple of months regarding asterisk AGI scripts
and unexpected termination.
I have this agi script that accepts incoming faxes using RxFax on the latest
asterisk 1.4 branch. Its written with perl and it works fine except for one
line that causes the entire script to terminate unexpectedly. The script always terminates at the point where I use the 'system' command
or backticks to run a system command.

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