Dahdi Problem With Dahdi_genconf



It's the first time i try to configure an ISDN card with dahdi, so my experience is very poor (be kind ;))

My problem is with dahdi_genconf, when i start it it says:

/usr/sbin/dahdi_span_assignments: Missing '/sys/bus/dahdi_devices/devices' (DAHDI driver unloaded?) Command failed (status%6): 'dahdi_span_assignments dumpconfig > /etc/dahdi/assigned-spans.conf' at /usr/local/share/perl/5.18.2/Dahdi/Config/Gen/Assignedspans.pm line 40.

Here is my dahdi_scan:

[1] active=yes alarms=UNCONFIGURED description=HFC-S PCI A ISDN card 0 [TE] name=ZTHFC1 manufacturer=Cologne Chips devicetype=HFC-S PCI-A ISDN location=PCI Bus 01 Slot 10 basechan=1 totchans=3 irq type=digital-TE syncsrc=0 lbo=0 db (CSU)/0-133 feet (DSX-1) coding_opts=AMI framing_opts

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Change Codec When Dial From SIP To DAHDI


Hi: I am useing asterisk 11.12. I use G722 as preferred codec for my ip-phone. and my PSTN DAHDI use alaw. G722 is great when ip-phone talks to each other. but when ip-phone dialout to PSTN DAHDI, G722 is not great, since it is need to transcode to alaw. so I try to change the codec when dial from SIP to DAHDI. I tried to use IP_CODEC/SIP_CODEC_OUTBOUND at dialplan. but the SIP codec change after dahdi answered the channel. so everything is broken. the call log like below:

[2014-09-23 21:18:46] VERBOSE[11634][C-0000000d] pbx.c:

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DAHDI Loading Issue On Asterisk


Try starting Asterisk with the -f option. It will NOT fork into the background so you will see all messages on startup (including any that might not end up in the log file). Search for DAHDI errors which will likely be there.

Also, if you configure everything and start DAHDI but don't start Asterisk and run "dahdi_tool", is it showing you the circuits in an "OK" state?


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Archlinux Dahdi Start Script


I asked a similar question yesterday but unfortunately I somehow got disconnected from this group and I may have missed a response. Wanting a systemd start script for dahdi for archlinux. The install does not seem to make one. Has anyone created one or is there a way to create one from the make config scripts? I really don't need to load any modules other than dahdi itself for my application so I guess it oculd be as simple as 'modprobe dahdi' for the load. Also I have not built asterisk yet in archlinux. Does it create a systemd script…

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