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On Kernel 3.16.2 : Dahdi_rec: Invalid Argument

On Fedora 20, just updated to kernel 3.16.2. Rebuilt dahdi 2.9.2 against it. dahdi show channels works fine, but when I try to place a call:

chan_dahdi.c:9345 dahdi_read: dahdi_rec: Invalid argument

Any help appreciated.


DAHDI Loading Issue On Asterisk

Try starting Asterisk with the -f option. It will NOT fork into the background so you will see all messages on startup (including any that might not end up in the log file). Search for DAHDI errors which will likely be there.

Also, if you configure everything and start DAHDI but don’t start Asterisk and run “dahdi_tool”, is it showing you the circuits in an “OK” state?


Archlinux Dahdi Start Script

I asked a similar question yesterday but unfortunately I somehow got disconnected from this group and I may have missed a response.

Wanting a systemd start script for dahdi for archlinux. The install does not seem to make one. Has anyone created one or is there a way to create one from the make config scripts? I really don’t need to load any modules other than dahdi itself for my application so I guess it oculd be as simple as ‘modprobe dahdi’ for the load.

Also I have not built asterisk yet in archlinux. Does it create a systemd script with its make config?

Possible Dahdi Compile Problem

I am having problems with system crashes in a dahdi/asterisk compile.

Dahdi + Dlink Du128ta

hello everyone,

I do have a usb ISDN modem that I would like to make it work with dahdi. is it possible?
I am running debian 7, with dahdi 2.9, asterisk 11.8
dahdi cannot find it at the moment, unless there is something else to be done.

DAHDI Tor2 Trouble On Intel Atom (D510) ?