H323-sip: One Way Connection


hello everybody

i want to have sip connection between two asterisk systems (145 and 146). connection from 145 to 146 is ok but i can not call from 146 to 145. this is h323.conf file in 145: [peer146] host2.168.0.146 type=friend context=from-trunk

[to-146] type=peer host2.168.0.146 faststart=yes tunneling=no progress_audio=yes disallow=all allow=alaw allow=ulaw

this is mu extensions.conf file in 145:

[from-trunk] exten=>_1.,1,Dial(SIP/to-231/1${EXTEN:1}) [line-231] exten=>_2.,1,Dial(H323/to-146/2${EXTEN:1})

i have this error: dropping call because extensions '100', 's' and 'i' doesn't exists in context default".

if i change "peer146" to "general", every thing is ok and i can call from two side. my question is: in h323 connection, is it a MUST…

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Round-robin In Asterisk 1.4


I am installing asterisk 1.4 with 2 ISP and i have one card Diguim TE210 with 2 port E1.

now i bought another card Diguim TE410 and I want to add it

the current configuration : connection (WIMAX) from the first ISP and connection (fiber optic) from the secend ISP.

the desired configuration : connection (WIMAX) and connection (radio beam) from the first ISP.from the second ISP no change (still have the fibre optic)

my question how to active the round-robin in asterisk 1.4 in order to active the 3 technology (WIMAX-radio beam and fibre optic) any help please

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Enable CDR Logging?



I am currently trying to set up CDR logging. I got all the ODBC stuff for my mysql server set up, also checked there's a connection using "odbc show" in the Asterisk console:

Name: asterisk

I also created a table for the CDR logs:

This table is also referenced in /etc/asterisk/cdr_adaptive_odbc.conf.

Now, what is the next step? 1) Do I have to call any CDR function in my dialplan for the CDR logging to become really active? 2) Do I have to create more fields in my asterisk_cdr table manually? Guess it should all be done automatically? Would I have needed…

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sip show peers


I have a process that runs on a server and does a simple 'asterisk -rx
"sup show peers' > /tmp/peers"
and then looks for any "(Unspecified)" items and reports them as having
lost connection.
My server is running 1.4.43 and the two boxes I am monitoring are also
running 1.4.43.
Once in a great while 1 of my boxes reports "(Unspecified)". I am trying
to find out why. How can I make the remote boxes have a shorter heart beat to checking
more frequently
with the server so as not to…

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