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11.0: How To Get Remote Commands To Show On Cli?

I’d like to see on cli what happens on executing remote commands. For instance:

asterisk -rx “originate Motif/gvoice/12026668765@voice.google.com,,rL(5000)) extension s@default”

Now I get on cli, verbose 10:

– Remote UNIX connection
— Remote UNIX connection disconnected

Any way to see call progress for remote commands? Something is going wrong with this command, although it works fine from the dialplan.


Confbridge Command Not Found

Currently running version and trying to manage confbridge rooms and users. When I try to use the confbridge cli command I get a command not found error.

CLI> confbridge No such command ‘confbridge’ (type ‘core show help confbridge’ for other possible commands)

I’ve tried googling this but did not get anywhere. How can I enable the confbridge commands?


Question About Cli

Hello guys, i would like to ask a question about cli.

Today, while i was using the cli, i thinked that there could be more features. IMHO, might be interesting, for example, to add a sip extensions from cli, or other similar functions, without having to modify the configuration files.

Or not? What do you think?


Graceful Restart


Is there a way to detect, via cli or any other way, that Asterisk is in “graceful shutdown” mode, not accepting any new calls? Or to put the question a different way, how can I know that Asterisk has restarted again after the command “core restart graceful” in an automated way?

Best regards, Jan Blom

IAX2 Registered OK without IP

This has come up before on the list and archives but I don’t seem to
find a solution for this. On just a few nodes we have this situation
where we see the IP disappear from the CLI iax2 show peers list but
the status shows OK:

3012/3012 (Unspecified) (D) 0 OK (89 ms)

How can the status be OK a few milliseconds ago and have no IP ?? The
strange thing is that the IP does show up once in a while and then
disappears once again but the OK is always there.

Asterisk 1.4.29 running on FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE

Call Forwarding

Hi Guys,

Seeing an issue with and also

When we do call forwarding if the call coming in to be forwarded
asterisk sends the invite out to our ITSP as
username@anonymous.invalid instead of username@domain.

When call comes in with CLI and is forwarded it sends it as
username@domain to our ITSP.

Is this a bug or is there something I need to turn on or off? All the
ITSP’s we use authenticate on username and domain.