Regarding Caller ID And Security


Hi all,

I am new to Asterisk, and would like to begin by saying that it is an absolutely fantastic system. Seems incredibly stable, well tested, and easy to use.

Now, to my question. I am making a mix between a personal ads and a voicemail service, where I want each user to be able to submit an ad that others can respond to by recording messages that go into this users inbox. My original thought was to base this purely on the CALLERID(num) value, but quickly discovered that this is a bit unreliable. Sometimes when I would call in it'd say…

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Flowroute: Howto Set Outbound Callerid (ast 1.4)?


The flowroute website mentions that they set callerid on outbound calls based on the presence of (in order of preference): "P-Asserted-Identity", "Remote-Party-ID" or "From:". I've been trying to make outbound callerid work via flowroute to no avail. Does anyone have an extensions.conf / sip.conf snippet howto make this work? This is for Asterisk 1.4.44.

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Strange behavior - Can't figure out


Hi, I have two asterisk boxes, one with asterisk and the other
with asterisk Sip show settings of both boxes have no difference and also the peers I am generating a call using call file with following details:
Channel: SIP/1028
Account: 9164421122 < -- this is the accountcode of 1028
MaxRetries: 1
RetryTime: 60
WaitTime: 30
Context: default
Extension: 1031
Priority: 1
CallerID: "Zohair Raza"<1031> < -- I want to see this caller id at
dialing peer (1028) and "Test" <1028> (originiating caller id) at

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Why did it Hangup?


I am learning how to use AMI and I am having 1 problem.. When I make a call
to my mobile phone and when I answer it - it get disconnected/hangup right
away. Why is that? What is the solution to stop that? For example: ACTION: Originate
Channel: SIP/447XXXXXXX@vpsprovider
Exten: 210
Priority: 1
CallerID: 0044123456789
Timeout: 60000
Context: test
exten => 210,1,Answer
exten =>
exten => 210,n,SendDTMF(wwww2w3w)
exten => 210,n,Monitor(wav,${MONITOR_FILENAME},ib)
exten => 210,n,Hangup()
Before I had Dial() in the dialplan and it…

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detecting intl. CLI with +


Hello asterisk users, I need to convert the CLI received according to national/international
format: 55-555-5555 to 055-555-5555 (add 0 in the beginning)
+55-55-555-5555 to +55-55-555-5555 (remains unchanged) I put the following line in my dial plan:
exten => _X., n, Set(CALLERID(num)=${IF($[ ${CALLERID(num):0:1} =
"+"]?${CALLERID(num)}:0${CALLERID(num)})}) But I get these error messages:
[May 2 17:05:43] WARNING[1494]: ast_expr2.fl:468 ast_yyerror:
ast_yyerror(): syntax error: syntax error, unexpected '+', expecting $end;
+ = "+"
[May 2 17:05:43] WARNING[1494]: ast_expr2.fl:472 ast_yyerror: If you have
questions, please refer to

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Asterisk - Nortel Transfer Problem


I have an Asterisk server connected to a Nortel Pbx via an E1.  Everything works fine, I get calls in and out with callerid. The problem that has been reported to me is the following scenario: A call comes in from the PSTN and is answered by Asterisk. The person dials the operator (1000) which is on the Nortel side so connection is made through the E1. The operator answers  and then transfers the call back to a SIP extension on the Asterisk (1303). The result is no audio and a dropped call. My main theory at the moment is that when the receptionist hangs…

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HELP!! Caller ID "unknown" for all inbound call


This is a very strange problem (at least for me). I just realized that
started from April 20th 2012 every inbound call is from "unknown".
Prior that, asterisk succesfully displayed the caller caller's ID for SOME
of the calls (30-50% success rate). I am using PBX | monitoring menu to see
this report. As far as I remember, I dont modify any settings that related to caller ID,
but few days ago (I dont remember the exact date), I modify the rxgain and
txgain value in chan_dahdi.conf.
The inbound caller ID doesn't display…

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I am not a programmer and I have learned so much from examples and the list.
Perhaps someone could tell me what I am doing wrong in my example below: I am getting the caller ID and caller name from my local POTS line and I
want to add it into a sql table. I am trying with the following code but
the data never gets put into the table. Can anyone correct my syntax and tell me what I am doing wrong?
exten => s,1,MYSQL(Connect connid localhost myuser mypassword cnam)

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AGI Variables Being Wrong


Greetings! I have the following line in features.conf:

parse => *9,peer/both,AGI,/etc/asterisk/agi/
What that script does is parsing AGI variables and doing some things based on them, nothing special. During outgoing call, those variables get messed up. Let's look at an example: number 404 calls 2010000, it is being routed over PRI line. When 'agi debug' is active, one can see what parameters are being fed to script:
AGI Tx >> agi_request:/etc/asterisk/agi/
AGI Tx >> agi_channel: Zap/63-1
AGI Tx >>agi_language: en
AGI Tx >> agi_type: Zap
AGI Tx >> agi_uniqueid: 1322049810.4307
AGI Tx >> agi_callerid: 0442010000
AGI Tx >>agi_calleridname: unknown
AGI Tx >>agi_callingpres: 3

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